Windber, Pennsylvania

I had my brother-in-law get me a few things from Walmart since he made a trip to town. One item was my husband's Nicorette gum.

I told him the wrong flavor. A few hours later, I took it back to exchange for the correct flavor and unopened box. The lady at customer service stated she needed a receipt. Policy states they will make an even exchange with no receipt.

I even offered to have the receipt faxed, but she claimed she didn't have access to a fax. She is a liar! She should know the policies as she is not a new employee.

I live in a small town with only one grocery store and *** in the wall Walmart where I buy the Nicorette gum.

I spend an average of $300 a week at that store. I would rather not support a store where there are idiots and liars working! Buffalo, Missouri's Walmart sucks!

The lady working customer service on September 3, 2012 should be fired for not knowing the return policy. Instead of driving an extra 20 miles with my infant baby to get the receipt to exchange, we will just use the product - but we prefer the other flavor!

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First of all your husband needs to be arrested for marrying a four year old. That is just sick and wrong.

You are required a receipt for returns. That is what it says. Why not take the receipt just in case. Your husband needs to give you a time out for making up lies about the receipt policy.

Then again you could not be lying just mistaken, not many four year old kids know how to read, you are one of them. Your husband should have went with you anyway since they are not allowed to give the gum to anyone under the legal smoking age. Your husband should be in jail because the only way you would have an infant baby was if he and you had sexual relationships, and having sexual relationships with a four year old is sick. Funny calling people idiots when you cannot even spell the word idiots.

Yep you are a four year old all right. At least mentally.


I admit that I was pretty mad when I wrote that complaint. The truth is the Market Basket in Johnstown had a special on Nicorette gum and it was selling for $2 less than what Wal-Mart wanted.

So I tried taking back the 20 Nicorette gum packages back to Wal-Mart.

They said they would be happy to take back a pack, but 20 packs was out of the question. I've learned my mistake, but I am stuck with 20 packs of Nicorette that I will never use.


I agree with Simon, take your receipt next time.


Receipts are mandatory. Stores are usually willing to make exceptions for items under $30 or so, but they are not obligated to do so.

Your item was probably over that amount and your return was justly denied.

Next time, bring your receipt and stop blaming the store for your own mistakes. Time to grow up.

Returns are a privilege, not a right.