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I did a lot of contract work for Walmart and have had many many many issues resolved. I did this by NOT asking for a manager.

A Walmart 'Manager' is what they call a CSM Customer Service Manager. IE they get paid a buck or two more to handle complaints. However THEY HAVE NO REAL AUTHORITY. If you have a real problem and want it resolved don't let emotion take over and get into an argument.

The moment you feel its becoming an argument.. STOP! and calmly ask for a "Member of Management" That's the 'magic' phrase at Walmart is describes the people that have the real authority to resolve issues or get someone fired for being an ***. They are the actual salaried management.

If the 'member of management' won't help ask for the name of the General Manager and when he or she will be working next as well as a phone number they can be reached at. Take down all the names of all Members of Management you speak with. If even the general manager won't help you and you feel its worth it file a complaint at the local 'Camber of Commerce' or your areas equivelent.. You can also file a complaint with the BBB.

Make sure to note the issue and the NAMES of the person(s) you spoke with in the complaints. NEVER EVER loose your temper or raise your voice.

You're complain will get thrown into the '*sshole' pile and nothing will be done about it. Hope this helps someone.

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