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After shopping for two hours at the Walmart in Eddystone, PA I was confronted with one open register with 5 people in line with full carts!! One express register was also open right next to my line.

I was becoming quite frustrated because there were many workers just standing around doing absolutely nothing, while my husband whom recently had surgery was experiencing quite a bit of pain. After standing in line for 25 minutes and still only 3rd in line, I moved over to another register that just opened because the cashier announced next in line come up. I was wrong but at that moment I had no idea she was speaking to the people in the other express register!! The cashier in a very *** voice stated, " you can't line jump here".

I tried to explain it was just a mistake, but her attitude was just not nice. After a few not too nice words from me, I left the entire cart full of approximately $200 of merchandise. On the way out, I asked another cashier to see the manager and she said that she was it. I tried to explain my misunderstanding, but just got the same ignorant attitude.

I understand it was my mistake, however if you are getting paid to deal with customers, then it should be handled appropriately. One more thing, I often travel from Phila to Eddystone walmart because it has always been so well organized and tidy...this is not what I found on 8/9/14...aisles were messy with boxes in many of them. Cashiers standing around doing absolutely nothing while the manager on duty was working a register!! What is wrong with this picture?

On a POSITIVE NOTE, there were two wonderful floor employees that went out of their way to help my 80 yr old neighbor and myself. One was a young DEAF man and the other was an 83 yr old woman. They both were so eager to help. God bless both of them!

Well I will never again shop at the Eddystone Walmart because i did not appreciate being talked to like a 5 yr old!! People make mistakes, especially when total frustration had overcome them!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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If your husband just got out of surgery, why are you shopping at walmart getting 200 dollars worth of merchandise. ?


I agree with the other posters, it was your mistake, so just move on. Why demand an apology for something that is not your fault.

I agree with the other poster you are acting like a five year old. I can understand the complaint about the one checkout, but come on to cut in line and then complain when you were told not to do this, that is the behavior of a five year old.


When you make a mistake (line jumping), you are the one who is supposed to apologize. Why are you complaining?


I agree with you myself, she does not like being talked down to like she is five years old but she thinks it is perfectly acceptable to act like a five year old. She is acting like a five year old by jumping to the conclusion that being told she cannot do something is the same as being rude, and demanding an apology for her mistake.

Then to say the other employees are doing nothing, they have their own departments and if they were all running registers she would act like a five year old again and complain they are not helping her while shopping.

She basically thinks she is the center of attention, a common behavior from a five year old and then she complains the employees treat her like a five year old. Well lady, if you don't want them to treat you like a five year old than don't act like one.