Clovis, New Mexico
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This store has ha huge problem with customers parking where ever they want to. Complaints have been filed with the manager with no luck.

Many people are angry but nothing from the manager. Any one can see the problem from Google satellite maps. They are in the zones closest to the store. Zoom in close.

Why is Wal-Mart condoning illegal behavior by ignoring it?

I am on oxygen but I can get by without if I walk slow so I do not have a handicapped permit. I walk with other older people long distances to the store when it is busy to see young people parking in the do not park lanes.

I guess Wal-Mart supports illegal behavior.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Parking.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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you might be old some day..........


Agreed, but why do they take so much room with the *** stripes? Another six parking spots could be put where they have the stripe. I also am handicapped, and I WILL PARK IN THE STRIPED AREA WHENEVER THE HANDICAPPED SPACES ARE FULL, WHICH IS 90 % OF THE TIME.


New Mexico? Probably illegals who don't speak English.


What business is it of yours if these drivers park legally or illegally? Stop being a busybody and find a new hobby!


The point is they have no right parking there, and they take the space for those that need to park there. He(and I take it that this is a male by the name Don) needs that space because of his health, and it is taken up by someone who can walk fine.


Having trouble breathing and needing to park close make it his business, you compassionless twit.


It is his business because he is handicapped and these people parking in these spaces are not. It is also against the law.


Just because your elderly that makes you special? I will not cater to someone just because they are old, I'm only respectful to those who respect me regardless of age, I'd you have to have oxygen then ge to a doctor ***


Cater to? How about you park in a real parking space instead of feeling entitled and parking where ever you feel is convenient for you? Respect is earned and with that attitude, no one will respect you.


Number one: That is not a handicapped parking spot. It's a no parking spot.


Do you hear that? I think the waaaahmbulance is coming to pick you up.

Number three: Report the violation to Wal-Mart and law enforcement if you feel morally obligated to do so. Beyond that, move along with your day.

Number four: How are your reporting a monetary loss of $12 dollars on this? Are you trying to suggest that you additional 30 feet you had to walk is worth $12 of your time?

In most cases that is above the median for unskilled labor per hour(which would in most job descriptions constitute walking). So if it took you an additional hour to walk 30 feet, maybe that handicapped parking permit wouldn't exactly have made much of a difference.

Number five: If the postulation of number four is indeed accurate, which I am certain it is, then it would take well over a day to get your groceries, make your way back home, etc. Since that is not likely to be accurate, you must just be another entitled whiner.


Number one: You sound like the entitled whiner

Number two: You are probably one of those people who park wherever they feel like it, curb, yellow lines, who cares, right?

Number three: You probably pull in and scoop a spot someone has been patiently waiting for the car in the spot to pull out.

Number four: You are the know-it-all, and be all, correct?

Number five: You have no compassion for your elders and/or handicapped people.

Number six: If you can't be constructive, just scroll on by. Oh wait, you can't.

I don't believe there was any mention of him parking there, just that usually older people park in actual spots while younger people (like you obviously are since you missed the whole point) park wherever they please. He's just making mention that if he can park that far out and walk, then so can you.


I block people who are illegally parked with shopping carts.


I take a picture of the vehicle including license plate and upload it on line to facebook and other sites and also tag the walmart in the pic and post it to their page. That way the whole world can see what *** they are.... n i just thought of something i should also tag the local parking enforcement too


No respect for the elderly in this country anymore. You can thank Obama for a lot of that.


It's New Mexico.... and Wal-Mart.... you're expecting civility?


Fully agree. Note to lardasses who ride around in motorized carts, just bc you let yourself get too fat to walk doesn't mean you are handicapped.

Leave these spaces for real cripples. Park at the end and walk, it will help you out.

First B

Good advice, but I don't think you can call them cripples anymore.


Ever wondered how you can spot a ***? see the pic


I worked for Walmart awhile ago. Walmart told our local police department not to enforce the handicap abuse fines or anything for fear they will lose a customer/profit.

This includes parking in the fire lane.

Or near propane storage tank areas.

This goes on I am sure at every Walmart.


Worked, that explains it all, we really should believe an employee who was fired and trying to cause trouble. As for the OP, steal their car and and leave it on the train tracks. That will teach them.