Clovis, New Mexico
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This store has ha huge problem with customers parking where ever they want to. Complaints have been filed with the manager with no luck.

Many people are angry but nothing from the manager. Any one can see the problem from Google satellite maps. They are in the zones closest to the store. Zoom in close.

Why is Wal-Mart condoning illegal behavior by ignoring it?

I am on oxygen but I can get by without if I walk slow so I do not have a handicapped permit. I walk with other older people long distances to the store when it is busy to see young people parking in the do not park lanes.

I guess Wal-Mart supports illegal behavior.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Parking.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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I agree with Kevin Richards sounds to me like you are a disgruntled employee, pissed about your old job or were fired. Even if Walmart did tell the police not to tow the cars they would still be towing them.

If this happened across the country as you claim the police would certainly say something about it. The police will do their job no matter what.

When a car is towed is in the wrong place it is up to the police not walmart to deal with it. Get your facts straight before posting ***.


Wal mart says its the cops and the cops say its walmart. I don't work for and never have worked for walmart but I can assure that problem does not exist in surrounding towns.

There is only one violator in this google but it is very early morning so it isn't busy when the violators are out in force. You can tell by the oil spots where people have parked in the wrong place.,-103.199542&spn=0.00069,0.001291&t=h&z=20


What do you want the manager to do, make a page that the car parked in the handicapped space must be removed. Even if this is the case chances are they won't listen. What does it matter to you anyway, you are obviously way too young to be driving.


You darn right and call a tow truck. It is not fair to others who obey the rules.


Why don't YOU call the police and report it?


Deflate a tire.


I have thought about it. I do know a person that spit on the door handle of the violators. Lots of people don't like it.


I rub my b*tt cheeks on the door handles of fat people.

First Born Triplet

Call the police then not their fault people break the law. It is like me blaming you because someone is selling drugs in front of your house.

@First Born Triplet

Not sure about the States but in Australia it is the land OWNERS responsibility and right to have the parking laws enforced, they enter into agreement with authorised officers from the local council or the police. In my personal experience I have had store managers request us to ignore certain illegally parked vehicles because the store does not want to provide the an adequate number of car spaces as it takes up valuable retail space.

These are my personal experiences both as a parking officer and as a statutory town planner who worked the public and private sector.

Also in my experience if a police officer can palm it off to council they will.


Handicap parking spots are required by state and local laws. It is up to the local police departments to enforce compliance, not the retail store.

You should be complaining to you police department that they aren't doing a better job of ticketing violators. If it's as big a problem as you say it is, this would be a big cash generator for the police department and you would think they would run a patrol through the lot as often as possible.


I have been told too many times that it is "private property" by the police department. I have tried, believe me. I have never worked for walmart and am only a shopper but you can use Google Earth and see it but it isn't happening in other towns.

But first, wal mart has to call.

Funny Mann

Alq is right just call the cops. The tickets are about a $100 fine.

At least in my area. I get tired of this also. I see a lot of parking for expecting mothers taken by overweight and old people.

It's private lot so police won't bother them but handicap parking they will. So use your cell when you see this.


Yes, if you see a car parked in handicapped parking places, and you are absolutely positive that they don't have a handicapped parking sticker/license/placard or whatever, call the police department. It is your responsibility to report wrong, when you see it, not go and tattle to the employees.

As far as that goes, some people that do have handicapped parking privileges have unnoticeable handicaps, just like you do.


Call local police. They will write tickets on non handicapped cars in handicapped spots.