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We bought an iLo tv on Nov. 23, 2007.

It went black on Apr.21,2008. It has taken us until July 2,2008 to get our tv repaired and back into our home.

At first walmart would not help us stating they only warranted the first 90 days. We tried dealing with the maufacturer and after 2wks with no action, we found a repair service near us and asked the manufacturer to authorize him to repair it. Still no action.

We contacted walmart corporate headquarters and finally they got involved. With their involvment, our tv was finally picked up and shipped to California on June 13, 2008 for repair and finally reached our doorstep on July 2, 2008 repaired.

I thank walmart for finally getting involved but I think they should stand by their products a little better and look into the service their manufacturers provide. The company name is Akai-very poor,slow service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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i have a ilo tv for a little while, the dvi, vga the sound plug never worked i tried to connect my computer to it about 2 years ago and for no reason the screen now has something like a water stain or bleeding going a cross the screen an i am very careful with it. i am not the type to have my tv running all the time.


My not even 4 year ilo T.V. volume went out last night.

This is exactly what is wrong with America today!

This is the fourth product I have bought that I have to fight and raise total *** to get it fixed. When you pay a lot of money for something it should last more than 4 years.

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