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I bought an Ilo 42 inch flatscreen tv from Wallmart less than 2 years ago. Last week the

picture went black. I had volume but no picture.This tv cost me over 800 dollars.

I brought it back to Wallmart in Bellingham Mass where I bought it. All I wanted was a store credit to buy another one. The manager told me to call the manafacture, which did me as much good as bringing it back to Wallmart.

Look I paid over 800 bucks that took me a long time to save, all I wanted was to buy a tv and have it last longer than a year and a half. Wallmart bought it from a manafacture and I bought it from Wallmart and they should stand by what they sell. I told the manager that I was a great customer of Wallmart since its 1 mile from my house. I also said that I would not be back to Wallmart again, and he did not care one bit. Thats how to keep your customers! I give that manager at Wallmart in Bellingham Mass a big thumbs up.. Wallmart should be more like Home Depot who cares about the customer and will go out of there way to help any way they can. I challange any one from Wallmart to give me the so called exception to the policy treatment since Ilo wont do an *** thing.

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I guess you should have purchased the warranty they offered you..... seems like you want walmart to be Rent -me-a-free tv-mart.


I bought my car 10 years ago. The spark plugs needed replaced.

I took my car back to the dealership. All I wanted was a credit on my purchase price to put towards a new vehicle.

They told me no. Never going there again.


:grin you have said it well. Wal-mart is just a bunch of rich people screwing the heck out of the consumer and getting away with it due to their lawyers writing huge documents that protect them from someone taking them to court and putting them the ringer.

the only way to take down a company this big is turn everybody away from Wal-mart and then they loose business and eventually they go bankrupt.

But the reality check is convincing everybody in the world or just the US to turn away from them. I hate getting hosed by these giant companies and told there is nothing I can do about it.


We bought the ILO tv also and have had a few probs with the picture but so far have not invested any extra money. This tv was on a discontinue notice when we bought it...meaning it was cheap and you had to realize it may have problems down the line. You get what you pay for.


I know! Those jerks!

I once bought a gallon of milk there, and it got buried in the back of my fridge and six months later when I tried to drink it, it was spoiled! I tried to return it, but they fed me some bull about how I couldn't return it because I'd bought it before the expiration date passed! It wasn't even OPENED!

I think this is horrible customer service. Obviously they should do everything I want them to with a smile and a "Yes, Ma'am!", and this should all clearly end with me never having to pay for anything!


I love it when people buy cheap *** and then are somehow disappointed when they find out they bought cheap ***.


Tell me one store that would replace anything after a year and a half without buying an addition warranty. I can't believe you actually took it back. A year and a half? Really? How long should Wal-Mart warranty that TV for? 5 years? Get real!

And no, you are not a great customer. You're just like everyone else who claims to be a "loyal" bestest customer ever and then when one thing doesn't go your way, you threaten to never go back (but you always do).

Seriously, you expected them to take the TV back after a year and a half? SERIOUSLY?


You have 90 days for walmart to uphold it's return policy on televisions. The individual store where you were at does not set the rules, corporate does.

While most people understand and respect the fact that all you wanted was a new tv, they can't help you. It's a manufacturer's defect. It's not your, or walmart's fault that it didn't last. The only way you will stand a chance for any sort of reimbursement is if you contact the manufacturer and put up with their little games, though most of the time they have a one year warranty, and that's where purchasing the 2 year service plan helps.

It starts AFTER the initial MFW ends and covers accidental handling damage, power surge, water damage - things a normal warranty does not.

Before you buy another tv, try doing some research on common customer complaints for certain brands to reduce your risk of buying into a bad brand. Also, take note of any damage that might have been done to the box in the retailers store.


whether the manager cared or not, they wouldn't have been able to make an exception. the computer/registers make it impossible to return a item past the receipt expiration date.

try dealing with the manufacturer again, post a complaint against them. and keep in mind that nothing lasts forever.