I purchased a 23 inch Ilo tv from Walmart in November of 2006. It was a Christmas gift for my daughter to take to college. The tv stopped working after a year and a half. I went to the local Walmart here in Tampa, FL and spoke to the Manager. He was very willing to help me and said I could have a full refund, which I got. I was extremely satisfied with the way Walmart handled the situation, no problem, it was a very easy transaction, and I received a full refund for my TV, which was over $400.00

Kudos to Walmart in Tampa!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I cant believe you expected and received a refund from WalMart. After a year and half even the manuafacturer may not fix so why should WalMart replace?

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #21641

It is good of wal-mart to return your TV. Now your daughter can watch all the p()rn that she wants late at night. Kudo's to wal-mart for giving your daughter the right to continue watching p0rn.

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