Boston, Massachusetts
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Purchased igloo stainless steel gas grill. Unit has a lifetime warranty on brass burners.

They are now cracking a need o be replaced. Tried to contact manufacture rep in USA company no longer in business. Tried other grill part companies. No parts valuable.

Called Walmart ccorp. They had local store call me and they adviced me that all they could do was to offer me a 15 percent discount on a new grill. Ow this lifetime warranty part is going to cost me 200 plus dollars.

This is what you deserve if you buy import items from a foreign owned company like Walmart. More than ever it's time to buy american at least they I'll take care of the customer.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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This happens all the time. Stores sell products and then either the manufacturer goes under or the store just stops carrying the product.

This leaves you out of luck. Best to buy a cheaper version of almost anything and then just throw it away when something breaks that you cannot fix.

Also, I agree with you on buying American. It would be nice if people started to avoid foreign-produced products.

Probably impossible, of course, as so much of our consumer goods come from overseas---cheaply made and of inferior quality. When you find a "made in America" product, buy it.