I ordered a part online, received notice that it was available for pickup, and experienced what can only politely be called a broken business service. After being directed to the pick-up counter at the back of the store, I arrived to find a gentleman waiting in front of an empty counter and assumed he was being helped by someone in the back. After a couple of minutes, he asked if I was there to help him and I advised no. After another few minutes, one of several employees who had been marching by (apparently to an employee break room or locker room) stopped and asked if we'd been helped. We replied "no" and she pressed a touchscreen on a card reader and said that someone from Electronics would be by shortly. After another 5 minutes, someone else stopped and asked if we'd been helped and again after answering "no", she said we needed to press the touchscreen, which had already been done.

Another 5 minutes, and the original helper asked if we had been helped, and again the answer was no. After more investigation by her, first one, then two, three and finally four employees became engaged in an animated 10 minute conversation, deciding how to operate or interpret the info on the computer screen, where to find the 1st customer's item (on the floor, or in the back), mutually agreeing this was a difficult task, and finally summoning someone who apparently had actually done this before, who was able to retrieve packages for us.

There had been a woman with a cane behind me for 20 minutes, who I let go ahead of me. She announced "my father had a phrase for this situation that I can't use in polite company, but it began with 'cluster'". That was the one valuable moment of a wasted 40 minutes.

Please get your cluster together, Walmart.

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cluster screw?

to Anonymous #892149

u work for walmart!?

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