Bloomington, Indiana

I purchased a laptop in store from walmart. I get home and find it $20 cheaper on free shipping or site to store.

I call the store and was told online prices aren't honored in store and I would have to return the laptop and order it online to get lower price. This is a product already stocked in store there is no reason to order it online or site to store. I was told there is no other option they get this all the time .

Terrible way to do business. I will not purchase consumer electronics there again.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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You are aware online pricing and store prices are not matched due to the stock of the disbuting center vs the store. Not many stores will match their prices because the pricing is based on the amount of product in stock.


This is how it works with EVERY. SINGLE.


RETAILER. Cheaper online than in store SO that you will shop online.


I agree, and if this is the case she better stop shopping for electronics or everything at any store.

First Born Triplet

Then you may as well not purchase electronics anywhere because they all basically have the same thing, prices online are cheaper than prices in the store. Don't know why, it just works that way.


last year and this year with toys I had the same issue. Today I paid 30.00 for a puzzle and then went home and ordered it for 21.97.

Now I will be returning the other one. Same thing happened last year-big price difference-not just a few dollars.


It's called overhead...


It costs more to carry merchandise in bricks and mortar stores than it does to have them on line. Hidden costs in the store would include things like sales associates, shipping, merchandising , and others


well now they are paying 2 extra employees-the one that sold it to me and the one that I will return it to. Plus I am picking up the cheaper one in the site to store area-another employee.


It says very plainly on the site that prices in stores may vary. Reading is hard.


this is the way of the furture. This way they can track everything you buy and eventually you will get prices based on what you spend!

also stores for investor purposes show these purchases as different. what is most profitable for the company!


This happens in a lot of stores, what happens is certain items, depending on where they are shipped from, cost more in the store because of the shipping costs. I order quite a few things online from WalMart, even if I have to pay to have them shipped to my home,because it is more convenient for me.


No doubt Walmart does most things in a terrible but why didn't you check the Web site before you went?