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Went to have a tire repaired with a minor hole in it ,on Sept 19,2017. Initially in the afternoon I was put off to a more convenient time for them after 5 pm.

I was extremely I'll this particular day but needed the tire at lest as a spare to make a upcoming Dr. Apt 30 + miles away. My first reaction was to repair it myself the hole was so minor and I have over 50 years of experience as a mechanic in every catagory. I bought a contract on the tire and felt no big deal I'll have them fix it.

I've trained a countless number of mechanics and non mechanics in tire repair. Most people in shops fit into the non catagory. Surprisingly the quality of the repair was never the issue. The first issue was the extreme laziness of the staff.

I told them since they felt they couldn't get the repair done in a 2 1/2 hour time frame sense I felt so lousy I would pick it up the next day even waiting till after noon. As when I pulled in and left the day prior they were hanging around outside smoking cigarettes an doing nothing. To my surprise they hadn't touched the tire. Instead of going with my gut instinct I told them to get it fixed I'll go get some things inside.

Came back n hour later they took a tire with 20000 miles tread left on it replaced it and told me I was paying for a pro-rated tire. What the ***. Why don't the tree huggers cry about these wasted resources. The hole was less than 1/ 8 " in diameter over an 1 1/2 from the titres radius.

Perfect ly repairable. The only way not would have been if the tire was run flat. They didn't want to bring that tire back out for me to look at. When I insisted there was absolutely no damage to this tire in any other way.

I couldn't have the old tire because they were charging me a tire disposal fee that turned out to be called a transport fee. The female mgr had an attitude from with all her male counterparts and with me from the start. I started getting violently mad considering how many people I have helped out over the years wether a warranty issue , an on avoidable problem. Many other issues considered.

Instead I will research the the training of the people involved ,and cause them ***. What the general public needs to know is many people are not, yes not certified. Some work under other people's certifications. They have no specific training in many areas they work at.

Lube rack and tire repair are the worst. I have successfully driven basically plugged tires in speeds of 140 mph. They were plugged by me ,the kid who learned how to patch and plug tires I early grade school. Since then has worked at various repair facilities , family and otherwise.

Speed shops as manager sales and machinist. While getting a college education .

Yes real mechanics can make more money than you would believe. God help us with the self centered self serving poorly educated people that our ruining our world thinking everything is owed to them who will continue to destroy the United States American way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Car Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What do you expect from a place that guarantees low prices. They cut corners on quality to bring you these prices.

You should have looked at this before buying the contract with them. If you want quality, go with a store that specializes in tires.


bing - tire need repaired - bang - "violently mad" - bong - "destroy the United States American Way"

Next time go to a real tire shop and forget all about Wal-Mart.

Don't you know that when you pay peanuts you get monkeys ?


^ what Smitty said.


but--- he

"bought a contract on the tire"

so he didnt wanna pay someone somewhere else