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Amazon is so much better. I ordered $250 worth of groceries on Friday for a Monday morning pick up at Walmart during the corona virus panic, and they canceled late Sunday night and gave me a $5 coupon for my trouble.

Well, I will not be redeeming that $5 because I will never order online or step foot in a Walmart ever again. If I try to cancel a dentist appointment less than 24 hours beforehand I will have to pay for the full appointment.

I checked the Walmart grocery website, and they are still taking orders so what's up with that? Goodbye forever Walmart.

User's recommendation: Try Amazon instead.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Pros: Delivery.

Walmart Cons: Canceled delivery.

Location: 54 Cousineau Dr, Swansea, MA 02777

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Did you ever stop to think they may have canceled the order due to a large amount of items being out of stock? Stores don't have an unlimited supply of items and those that get to the store and get them first will have a better chance of getting what they want. When you go to place your order at Amazon you are going to find a lot of out of stock items there as well and deliveries taking longer than usual.


Yes I did stop to think. I ordered about 40 items and they were offering many of the same exact items for sale after the cancellation and they were also for sale while I was waiting for my delivery.

The order I made already should have been priority over the orders that came after me. Basically, the very items I purchased were still up for sale after I had already purchased them. Funny how that is possible. Furthermore, I ordered days before the delivery date.

I was notified of the ENTIRE order cancellation around midnight Sunday (12 hours notice). Did someone walk into the store after closing hours and order the same exact products I ordered which happened to be the very last one of each? Yes, I do see that Amazon is out of stock with a lot of products, it would have been nice if Walmart had simply displayed the products I wanted to order as unavailable. In that case there wouldn't have been a problem.

The problem is that the were listed as in stock, as they are at this very moment, and I purchased them and was confident that I had reserved them over the weekend, but was notified late Sunday night that the ENTIRE order was cancelled.

I have subscriptions with Amazon where the products are out of stock, but I receive them as scheduled because they are not foolish enough to allow someone else to buy, what I have RESERVED, out from under me. Stop to think if I ordered some rocky mountain oysters and I asked the waiter why it's been 2 hours and I haven't yet received my meal, and he says he was on his way to my table, but, while walking by the table beside me, the man at that table purchased my mountain oysters.

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