Minneapolis, Minnesota

Went to Walmart yesterday. Bought a few groceries and a gift card as a Christmas gift.

First I waited in line almost half an hour until a department manager opened another lane. I asked her if she would put $50 on the gift card. She told me she can't ring up the gift card because she didn't know how. A sales associate came over and he knew how to ring up gift cards but neither one of them could figure out why this particular gift card was not ringing up.

Another manager came over and verified that the gift card was used. Why are you selling Christmas gift cards that others have used already? So I got another gift card. After the department manager rang me out I looked at my receipt and saw that she charged me twice for three grocery items.

Stood in line at customer service for another twenty minutes to get the additional charges taken off. I'm done with Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: incompetent employees.

Preferred solution: Train employees correctly.

Walmart Pros: Prices.

Walmart Cons: Long waits, Customer service, Management.

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Get over it! Mistakes happen in all stores, no matter the name of the store.

The employees are only human, as you are. Do you ever make mistakes. No store knowingly sells gift cards that are used.

Haven't you heard on various news programs where there is a way that people waiting in line can do something to the cards while on the rack and make them unusable? I have been hearing this for a few years now.


I agree mistakes happen. Just look at the mistakes this child has in her review.

She does not double space between sentences.

She does not in some cases even put a single space between sentences. It a busy time, have mommy or daddy take you to a grocery store to buy your groceries rather then a store that sells everything from condoms(which your parents made a mistake by not using) to clothing to alcohol to food to sleds to toys ect.


Why don't you leave my parents out of this, you low life ***


Nope you obviously need your parents keeping a watch on your behavior, and monitoring your online actions, the fact that you just called me an a##hole proves that you are six years old.


Let me help you out my man. Commenting on punctuation and formatting is probably the most childish thing you can do on the internet, short of telling someone they should have never been born.

There is no excuse for this level of incompetence and it will end up having dire consequences, especially for the people who are incompetent. I realize you would rather berate and insult someone for having legitimate complaints than actually offer a constructive or insightful comment, but next time try to remember that you're an *** and that your vitriolic comment does nothing but make that fact more apparent.


Instead of getting over it, how about stores train their employees better? Do you realize that your attitude is the same attitude that the employees and managers have?

And that this attitude is the reason that in 10 years there will be very few stores (especially big ones) that have the cashiers you'res o preciously defending?

I'll get over it, and I'll also get over the fact that these people have half ***'d themselves out of a job. I hope they don't expect my sympathy.