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So, I called my local Walmart store two weeks before Black Friday inquiring about tires for my car. First issue right away....nobody answered the phone!

Called again, no answer! Wtf! Gave up.....nice customer service. Well, I end up calling back a week before Black Friday.

After calling a few times, I finally get through to a girl named Krista. She was very helpful! Great service from a part time one day a week worker! She went on to help me with everything I needed to know about getting tires for my car, answered every question I had!

Krista informed me of a set of Goodyear tires that would be in there Black Friday ad! Krista even checked inventory, and told me they had one set available! She also said they were on hold for Black Friday! Cool!

She also said that I may want to be there early, you know, be first in line so I can get the one set of tires for my car, and have them installed. This is where it all goes down hill! I get up very early to get to Walmart, and be first in line, in the tire department. I was there two hours early, alright, first in line.

Going to get my tires! They finally open, I tell them what I am there for! James K. tells me he checked inventory, and they only have three of the four tires, they had previously on hold for their ad.

Somebody sold one of tires that were not to be sold! Don't forget..... They only had one set of these tires in stock for Black Friday! Go figure!

Well, I kept my cool, James K. calls a manager by the name Earnest! The manager says he can waive the 36.00 fee for mounting, or something! Ok, I can deal with that!

I guess! I kind of have to. So, they end up ordering the set of tires I was in for! They inform me that they would be in wednesday, or definately by Thursday!

Said they would email me too. James K. said he would be in this next Saturday, and he would be installing them for me. Ok, I can wait one more week.

This brings me to today (Saturday the 6th). I get up extra early, get to my local Walmart store, about 45 min. early! Alright, first in line....going to finally get my new tires installed for winter.

Oh wait, I forgot to say I never got that email, I'm going off what they said the last time I was in their store. James K. Of course is there, doesn't remember me or anything we talked about the week before! Go figure!

Sorry, but I have a good memory, I worked at Best Buy, in the install bay for 10 years! I remembered my clients, and we had excellent service.... at our store! So, James K.

goes into the shop, comes back after a few minutes and tells me that.... oh, we don't have your tires! I said wait a minute, you told me they would be in, and you would see me next Saturday. Well I'm here!

Where are my tires that I paid for? James K. goes on to tell me that they never said they would be in today, really? He goes and gets a manager, I did not get her name because I was so mad, and forgot to!

I explain my problem, and all she could say, and repeat several times is....did you get the email? No I did not! I'm going off of your employees word, and people don't always follow through with emails, or phone calls! I emailed a local Goodyear service garage, for a quote online, for tires.

There website said they would email me a quote within 24 hours.... can you guess where this is going? Well, never got an email back! It's been three weeks!

Never once did this manager apologize, or say.... What else can we do to make this right? Or, let's see what we can do for you! Just oh well, wait for an email, it might be another 2 weeks.

What a bunch of bull! So, all in all, terrible service, terrible employees, terrible manager, except for the girl named Krista, who remember only works part time one day a week! I would have loved to get my money back, I know the deal or price I'm getting on these tires is good! So I'm kind of stuck!

If I went somewhere else, I would probably pay about 200.00 more! I am going to call and talk to customer service or district manager when there office opens at 9:00am! Just to let you know, if you don't know already, I am pretty upset, and would not have spent all this time on this complaint if I wasn't! I cannot wait to get this issue done and over with!

I really hate Wally World, well... That's what I call Walmart!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Black friday price on tires, Krista employee.

Walmart Cons: Service, Manager, Lack of knowledge, Follow through.

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