Tempe, Arizona
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My husband had an item shipped to the store at 75th Avenue and Thunderbird in Peoria Arizona and had my name put on the order so that I could pick it up. He got confirmation from Walmart that my name was added, however, the store would not let me pick up the item because their computer did not show my name.

I guess no one who is competent wants to work for Walmart in management. Time to get a refund and on to shopping at Amazon instead.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Also to add, my husband did not want to return the item since it was for him. I told him he had to return it and buy from Amazon, because if he did not I would divorce him and tell people that he hits me.

He said he has never hit me. I told him I never said he hit me, that I would tell everyone that I am divorcing him because of that.

Let's hope he makes the right decision. I don't care if it is his money, after the way I was treated I don't want someone I am married to spending money at Walmart.


While the mistake was theirs, think about it, your name was not on the item so they cannot give it to you. Also before talking about anyone's incompetence learn how to separate sentences, you use two spaces not one.