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I spoke to several customer service representatives and two supervisors at Walmart who were incapable of correctly processing a return for three items ordered online. The crux of the issue is that, if one places an order online and proceeds to check out as a guest, Walmart does not provide one with a way to access one's order to initiate an online return, thereby forcing one to call customer service.

However, having to interact with Walmart's customer service representatives is comparable to speaking to a group of four-year-old children who have just been handed a manual on how to program in Java but are too busy eating paste to notice, which is to say, that they are not capable of the task they have been charged to perform.

In fact, it took nine calls to customer service to finally receive correct return labels, and I had to call the carrier myself to arrange for a package pickup after the second supervisor I spoke to submitted the request incorrectly, according to the carrier themselves. I have never shopped at Walmart before, and I will never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Pay your employees adequate wages so there is an incentive for them to perform well, as well as to attract competent people. .

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Walmart - awful customer service


Increase in wages would obviously cause the purchase price of their products to rise. Which would turn away many people.

Causing them to lose sales. This is America after all.

@Get educated

To elucidate the issue at hand, Walmart is one of the largest employers in America and many of their own employees have to apply for food stamps because they do not receive a living wage. In fact, contrary to such facile economic reasoning as an increase in wages would result in an increase in price, a pay raise would actually serve to increase Walmart's sales because their own employees could then afford to buy more from them.

I'm certain no rational individual could think it is reasonable that tax payers should continue to subsidize greedy corporations, like Walmart, by making up for the wages they won't pay. And, of course, there is a third alternative: Walmart could keep costs the same, pay their employees more and simply take a loss on profits. But, yes, the commentator is right, this is America and therefore we should allow predatory capitalism and not who or what is being hurt by it.

However, unfortunately, the majority of us are being hurt by Walmart and other large corporations - and the pain is felt where for most people it matters most - in the pocketbook. Here is a headline from Forbes: "Report: Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance."

@hoi polloi

There is no allowing anyone to do anything. As I previously stated this is America and you are more than capable of purchasing majority stock and doing it yourself if you believe you have all the right answers.

Retail is a consumer driven industry and they have and continue to maximize profits in every direction possible. Which is why they are the largest employer/largest retail establishment in history. They hit the consumer right where they want it the most. And they have succeeded.

In many ways our entire economy would fail if Walmart were to fail which puts them just as important as banks in our economy. Lastly, this entire conversation is moot as Walmart is removing employees from their stores to further decrease their expense category.

@Get educated

Of course limits can be set which allow people to do or not do things; this is called the law. The law can and does restrict specific behaviors by large corporations and individuals.

The argument that companies have to maximize profits is ridiculous. Corporations try to maximize profits because they and their stock holders are greedy, but it is not a necessity for economic functioning. Moreover, the reason Walmart has become a veritable monopoly is because they can offer cheap products imported from China where the pay is often less than subsistence level wages and there are few, if any, regulations to protect employees or the environment. What American consumers fail to realize, is that they are paying much more than the sticker price for their purchases because they subsidize Walmart's employees salaries with their taxes, as well as other externalities, such as increased medical bills which are a direct result of living and working in a degraded environment.

If American consumers were to "get educated" and start being rational actors, they would stop buying from Walmart and other companies which outsource production jobs to other countries that only offer low paying, heavily subsidized service sector jobs in return. Our economy is failing because capitalism is unsustainable. I suggest people read Thomas Piketty's book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century." Income disparity is a function of capitalism and is not self-correcting; this means there is a shrinking middle class and eventually we will return to a feudal societal structure if there is not some type of intervention. Also, banks did fail and tax payers bailed them out with trillions of their tax dollars.

Walmart could fail and there would be increased unemployment and poverty; however, capitalism would still exist. So, surprisingly, you unintentionally hit upon precisely why capitalism is such a problematic and unstable system and why large banks and corporations need to be regulated, or, better yet, made illegal. Too big too fail = too big too exist.

In other words, if the economy is so fragile that a monopoly can bring the whole thing down, then you have a volatile system that no rational person would want to sustain. But, unfortunately, that's exactly what happens in America because people are dumb and greedy and imagine that they, too, can be rich - even if all facts, all statistics, and all of history says otherwise.

@Get educated

Reply to Anon, I no longer believe we are in a disagreement.


The easier solution is to create an account so your purchase records are readily available. This is true of most on-line retailers. Checking out as a guest doesn't provide near the service that creating an account does.


Y’all forget...customer is king!


The easiest solution is for Walmart to allow customers to access their orders online without requiring the creation of an account - such as by inputting the order number - and there are many online retailers that allow this. If Walmart can't or won't provide the services that many consumers want or prefer, then it will lose customers to the retailers that will provide them.

But clearly Walmart paid trolls would like you to read the comments they post to this site, so you decide that giving up your information to Walmart in return for good service somehow benefits you, not them.

It really is a type of corporate blackmail - that is to say, if you want good service, then you must provide them with what they want. Oh, and remember, like the poster says, this is typical corporate online behavior, so you have no choice peasants!


Yes, people shouldn't expect the same service unless they give corporations something first, namely, as much information as possible so they can use it to track buying habits and other relevant details in order to further refine their marketing techniques and increase their profits. I mean, we really should all pitch in and help corporations manipulate us and make even more money, especially when they inevitably sell this information to each other without our knowledge or consent.

And you're right, the burden should be on the consumer to figure out that if they check out as a guest, they will be forced to endure unfathomably awful customer service because the employees have no reason to do their jobs well. Also, I'm sure the easy solution of creating an account will instantly transform pathetic Walmart customer service employees into helpful, competent individuals who will have the newfound dignity to quit working for this exploitative and destructive corporation.


It really is interesting that people give away their information for free. Greed is good, according to Gordon Gekko, so start making corporations pay for it.


You all know we are talking about Walmart here correct? "Unfathomly awful service" has been their business model since day 1 and they are still the largest retail establishment in history. And we are also talking about being on the internet....where all your information is already out there anyway....It has already been purchased by Walmart from Google on many occasions...

@Get a better argument

So the argument is that since things are that way, they should continue to be that way? I guess you can't fix stupid, so, please, continue to shop at Walmart. Since you are digging your own grave by doing so, buy a shovel while you're there.