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I spoke to several customer service representatives and two supervisors at Walmart who were incapable of correctly processing a return for two items ordered online. The crux of the issue is that, if one places an order online and proceeds to check out as a guest, Walmart does not provide one with a way to access one's order to initiate an online return, thereby forcing one to call customer service.

Having to interact with Walmart's customer service representatives is comparable to speaking to a group of four-year-old children who have just been handed a manual on how to program in Java and are too busy eating paste to notice, which is to say, that they are not capable of the task they have been charged to perform. In fact, it took nine calls to customer service to finally receive correct return labels, and I had to call the carrier myself to arrange for a package pickup after the second supervisor I spoke to submitted the request incorrectly, according to the carrier themselves. I have never shopped at Walmart before, and I will never again. However, the awful and unpleasant interactions with Walmart employees is to be expected, because no one will do a job well if they have absolutely no sense of self worth, who will go so far as to demean himself/herself to work for a company owned by totally unprincipled people; it is tantamount to agreeing to be owned - i.e., one becomes a slave.

And as such, one relinquishes all traits and rights which normally pertain to a free and equal human being, including the ability to think for oneself.

It is no surprise that Walmart internally referred to their employees as peasants, as evidenced by the "dead peasant insurance" policies they at one time took out on them, and probably still do. Anyone with a modicum of self respect who works for Walmart should immediately quit.

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