Tucson, Arizona

After working a ten hour day I thought to myself I will stop by walmart to get a few things. It was *** the place was packed and the *** line I got in the cashier decided she was not going to honor other store coupons??

Then when the person swiped debit card and entered pin the cashier kept hitting the wrong key on register so lady had to keep swiping card this happen three times before she got it right AMEN!!!

Then the next person same coupon issues by this time I decide to go to customer service counter with my two items (nobody in line)as I approach a man in a wheelchair that the store provides with basket gets turned away then she looks at me and tells me know OMG I almost threw my groceries on the floor and walked out but noooo I went rang MYSELf up at the self pay cashier and by god I got out the door. As I left I told future Walmart shoppers to go elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

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Went to Walmart 7-6-14 time 11:38: 03 Cashier could not speak English. I ask for an item & she looked at me.

I ask her if she spoke English she said no I ask to speak to the Manager she said no. No is her English laguange .I walked forward and listened to her,the costumer was a Mexican her mouth went a hundred miles an hour.White costumer's go away we don't need you.I feel this Walmart want's nothing but Mexican's working for them..Need to start hiring some White people they need jobs too. A friend of mine filled out an application with a bachelor's degree Walmart did not hire him. Got a job with Kroger's right away.

It's ashame you go to Mexico and hire un-educated Mexican's .



Wow..."...YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO AMERICA" this should be directed at you.


Ahem - Walmart DOES accept and match other stores' coupons. They are now advertising this - that they have empowered the cashiers to fix things immediately.

I even convinced them to honor a local grocery store policy that if the register price does not match the store label price then the item is free. Looks like they are trying to compete with higher end stores with these policies.


why do all the bit ches claim to be nurses making 90K a year? Even if you are that does not give you the right to treat others like dirt. If you want respect you had better give it.


The customer service counter is set up for refunds/returns, not purchases. That is what the cashiers are for.

Also? Odds are the customer before you was the one who was not following the very basic instructions as to how to use their card.

Cashiers sometimes do make mistakes but honestly, most of the errors tend to fall to the customers and not the people who are trained to run the registers.

And for the record, before you even try that 'I make more than you' *** on me, I make nearly three times what you make a year and am in no way jealous of your money or your total inability to write coherently. I would, however, like to know what school you attended that allowed someone who does not even know the difference between NO and KNOW to get a (supposed) degree as a registered nurse so I can make sure my daughter and no other child I might know attends such a terrible institute.


Complain265, I was going to stick up for you until I read your ignorant, prejudiced comments about "some black momma who can't afford children" or some "cripple". Walmart is known for it's low prices.

If you want excellent customer service, go to one of the high end grocery stores. Since you've bragged about your income, we all know you can afford it.


This is to "complain265" are you the same dumb *** that posted on buying an open bag of frozen food? So what you IF you are a RN you lack beside manner and common sense! The comment about that card is that Sometimes the card reader does not like to work you Dumb ***!


I am done with the insults. Can't you just have a decent conversation with anybody?

As a high paying nurse (which I am doubtful) I would think you would be able to have one.

It makes me wonder how you talk to your bosses, coworkers, and patients when they disagree with you. You must be a real peach to be around.


You obviously have some anger management issues. Next time just close your eyes, take deep breaths, and count to ten.


Walmart never accepts other stores' coupons. The cashier had nothing to do with that.

It's written in the policy. Now with the cashier not hitting the right button, did you just assume that or was it said? Some people cards just don't work.

Again not the cashiers fault. And the last part of your complaint made no sense.