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I left my house at 12:45pm on 3/22/2018, to go to Walmart to pick up my prescriptions, they were on my way to work. I got there at 1:20 pm.

I was the only one in line, when this girl tells me they are now closed for lunch and to come after 2. I say to her I can't because I am on my way to work, she shrugged her shoulders at me. Why does the entire pharmacy have to close for everybody, and it wasn't even 1:30 yet. Walmart shame on you.

I am an elderly person, it would of taken 2 mins out her lunch. Far be it for me to interfer with that fat girl's lunch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacy Department.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If the pharmacist is not in the pharmacy then they must close. They not only regulate the drugs but they are the only one who can handle them.

How utterly crass of you to interfere with that young ladies lunch. She worked for it and her weight has nothing to do with the situation other then you using it in a spiteful remark. Wouldn’t YOU who was in such a hurry to GET TO WORK want your legally mandated federal law lunch?? You can’t claim you’re such a stellar person to say anything nasty about them closing for lunch.

It’s what they have to do and you are just being a nasty low class mouth breather by showing your posterior because YOU had to wait. Get over yourself you were raised to be better then you are behaving.

I would hate to think what your grandmother would say about your remarks. At some point you put yourself above others and it shows by your lack of manners.


Far be it for me to interfer with that fat girl's lunch....You lost credibility right there.