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I tried to take all my money out and couldn't because of the, 1000$ a day, and 3000$ a month, withdrawal limit. I shouldn't be limited to how much money I can take out of MY account.

So that's basically like i don't even have the money, especially in matters like trying to buy a house, which i am and am having the hardest time because of putting my money of the wal mart money card. And to make matters worse, when i spoke to someone they told me i could withdraw 3000 out of any bank, and that was not true at all. And to make matters even worse all the people i spoke to were not American making the communication very hard to deal with. I wouldn't recommend this card to anyone, in fact, im gonna let all my friends know to not put their money on this card, especially their tax refund because they won't have access to all of it anyway, which is ridiculous, i should sue wal mart for holding my money hostage while still charging me a 5$ a month fee but not allowing me to remove all my money off of the card.

So now i am also being robbed by wal mart because i don't have direct deposit with them anymore. I am beyond displeased, they are holding my money and holding up my livelihood.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Moneycard Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Even banks have withdrawl limits...still a bank would obviously be a better decision, especially when you are talking about the amount of money that you are.


Not sure why you or anyone would consider using a Walmart card instead of a real bank or credit union. That's just asking for problems. Open an account at a bank or CU.


It seemed convenient at the time, guess I thought wrong, I have a real bank account now...