prices increased for holiday season, i have been watching tablets, and saved the pages for future reference to order after black friday hoping to save a little money per all their advertisements, not so, the prices have actually increased by a substancial amount, won't be buying a tablet from wal mart due to deception, i ordered chocolate one week before thanksgiving, i went back online to order more and the price of the same chocolate has increased over 3.00 per box, poor humble people can only afford the extra's when on sale, very disappointed i was deceived by all the deceptive advertising

Monetary Loss: $100.

  • high holiday prices
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Get a dictionary and look up the definition of deception. Because putting an item on sale for a certain period of time then putting it back to regular price does not match the description.


Well they have to make up for the black friday prices some how...Thank all the *** that go out on black friday for the price increase along with the greedy corporations


Well who would have thought that black friday prices would be cheaper than the normal price? And items on sale do tend to go back up to normal price and not just keep getting cheaper... welcome to shopping basics.


Walmart family making billions.

Employees on welfare, foodstamps.


Welcome to the world of Walmart.