West Lafayette, Indiana

INDIANA...there is no happy hour, all identical sales of alcohol in a business day MUST be sold for that price. The shot of Crown Royal you buy at 7 am, when alcohol sales start must be sold at that price in that establishment until that business day ends for EVERY customer.

One caveat, if you were to buy a screwdriver for $3 at 7 am, you could be charged $5 later if they used a different OJ, but the vodka must be sold at the same price. It is possible that Walmart, in Indiana as it is ludicrous with alcohol sales cannot change the price. Walmart, at least in Indiana, cannot legally sell a case of beer to you for $10 and sell the same case to me for $11.

This may not be why, and this just may be a Walmart policy on alcohol, but it wouldn't matter in Indiana. Also, they don't need your money, they are too big to advertise specifically, if it doesn't help them.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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He should also probably go back on his meds. He sounds like he needs help.


Do yourself a favor. Go to Rite Aid and get your alcohol, go home and get drunk, and forget about walmart. I do, and it helps.