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I recently called the pharmacy and the technician said that my prescriptions were called in and ready to be picked up. Upon paying, the technician at the checkout window told me that one of my medicines woluldn’t be ready for pickup until next week due to an insurance company policy.

Baffled, I went home and called my insurance co. and the agent said it would’ve been fine to pick up the remaining prescription and that they too were puzzled. For years, my doctor has called in my monthly prescriptions for the same medications. Not once did I have an issue until I transferred my prescriptions to Walmart.

I wouldn’t have complained about this place if this was my first time having an issue. Long waits, rude and inept workers, and asinine policies have made it cumbersome to patients like myself that have enough challenges in their life.

If plausible, use a “mom and pop” pharmacy instead of this chain. This will be the last time that this place gets my business and I hope others follow suit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Was the prescription for narcotics? When I was picking up my mother's prescriptions they weren't allowed to release refills early on the narcotics. I expect they don't want people taking too many.