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Walter Ray Jones

Yesterday, Thursday, July 19, 2018 I purchased 5 items at the Walmart store located in La Junta, Colorado

6 Conley RD 81050.

These items consisted of the following: 1 can of WD-40 14.4 oz. 1 package of EVERSTART Side Terminal Battery Bolts 1 can of ULTRA Duster Air 1 gallon of SUPERTECH Antifreeze/Coolant ! 4 Package of Great Value Bath Tissue

The item totaled $28.86. The cashier was polite, efficient and placed the bath tissue in 1 sack and the other 3 items in another. The Antifreeze was not placed in a sack as most people would think unnecessary as a sack would not support the weight.

I paid for my purchase and started toward the exit door, when stopped by a female employee. She asked to see my receipt. I told her no, that ownership of the items in the cart transferred to me when WalMart accepted my payment. Unless store security alerted her or I set off the alarm for some encoded items, she had no right or probable cause to ask for my receipt. The employee stated that she was doing her job and that since I said NO she had to go get a manager. Off she went to get a manager. Had I been up to any nefarious activity, I would have simply left then. A little while later she returned with Tony, a manager. I told him the same as I had told the employee. He did not argue with me and tried to calm the situation. The female employee then stated that the antifreeze was not in a sack and if I did not want to be asked for my receipt I should put it in a sack next time. REALLY!! I then showed Tony my receipt and then left with the “have a nice day” ringing in my ears from the female employee. It has been my life experience that sarcasm is among the least of human intellect. Some people just do not know when to let it be. Training in customer relations is lacking with this employee!

When I shop WALMART, I will try to purchase an item that does not fit in a sack and if asked to a receipt upon exit, will say “No go get a manager”. If WalMart wishes to waste my time, I will make your employees earn their wages.

Since I am just one of your millions of customers, I expect this complaint to receive at best a minimal of lip service a “ form letter” and then regulated to file 13.



Sent to: '' CEO

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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I never could understand how such a beautiful, gorgeous lady like Jacklyn Smith could stoop so low as having anything whatsoever to do with KMart. Hey, she was a CHARLIE'S ANGEL!!!!!


Sorry, but stores do have the right to see a receipt when you leave. You'd be surprised to see what ricks people will use to claim they had paid for a product.

All they are asking for is to see your receipt for items that weren't bagged. If you hadn't stolen it, what's the big deal. In the future try to have all your items bagged or just have the receipt ready to show the greeter. They are only trying to prevent theft and keep their prices low.

I will assume you have never shopped at a Sam's club. No one gets out without having their receipt and merchandise checked.


Agreed. Every time I receive a "Challenge" from the WalMart greeter/Bouncer I respond with a polite yet curt "No thank you" and keep walking. It is unacceptable to treat paying customers like shoplifters.


No, you are not correct about the request to see the receipt. Very suspicious.


First of all, Walmart is impervious to criticism here or anywhere---they just don't care what you or any customer thinks. Secondly, I hope you reconsider ever shopping at Walmart in the future.

It is demeaning and insulting to be stopped and asked for your receipt with the implicit assumption that you are attempting to abscond with unpaid-for merchandise. Really, for the few cents difference in price for most products, you should shop elsewhere.

You will be happy you did so. Why put up with the Walmart attitude?