Being treated like a convict for wanting to protect my health

Preferred solution: dedicated make free shopping hours.

Walmart Pros: Accepts otc cards.

Walmart Cons: Not honoring mask exemptions.

Location: 4542 Kenowa Avenue Southwest, Grandville, MI 49418

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I am guessing from boomer Karen’s cons/preferred solution they want mask free hours. They should open their own store. Is the parking lot hot while you are posting from your car?


Could you please explain the Karen comments? I know what it means but I would love to know the significance of why it is Karen specifically.

Please explain EXACTLY why it is the name Karen that was chosen to describe that type of female. Who decided it was Karen and why? I assume you know the answer since you think you're being so witty and clever using it. If the name Karen didnt mean this decades before, then it doesnt mean it now.

So what I am asking is who said the name Karen means this now, and why are people just going along with it. I fail to see the benefit of the Karen comments. Its just not as funny or interesting as you seem to think it is. So please tell me who EXACTLY started the Karen thing and why EXACTLY you are so eager and EASY INFLUENCED to jump on the bandwagon.

Its just pretty NAIVE of people to accept it as gospel now, when in reality the name Karen never meant that before. Its just not as funny or clever as people are pretending it is, that's all.


Specifically What happened to cause you to post your complaint?

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