I was standing in line waiting to check out when suddenly another person on one of Walmarts shopping scooters hit me hard enough to pen me against the conveyor belt I was instantly in extreme pain She backed up and I was able to start paying for my purchases with my card took me three minutes just to pay as I was in pain the cashier didnt even call for the manager during this whole incident and the lady came down the aisle again I was scared for my safety so jumped behind the counter as I made my way out of the store I had to ask for a manager told them my story all they said was sorry and walked away I got home called back called the store asked to talk to a manager an assistant manager came on as there were no managers available told him what happened he asked if it was an associate when I said it was another customer he wasnt interested when I said I needed to be looked at as my back was on fire got no response then I called corporate who said I had to fill out an incident report at the store, first time I heard that so went to er they gave me morphine and a muscle relaxer sent me home three prescriptions one of them being for oxycodone the er told me I couldnt work for three days as the oxy will show up on drug tests so went in the next morning to fill out accident form was told that the person who struck me personal scooter was in their possession told store manager that I wanted to take pictures of the scooter that struck me and caused my injuries he said that the only people taking pictures was them during their investigation I told them ok then I would have my lawyer subpoena them the store manager replied say lawyer again everything stops meaning they wouldnt even take my report of an accident that happened in their own business so made the report and left two days later I asked for a copy of the investigation and a copy of the tape which I knew they had as the accident occurred at their register they said get a court order then one of their adjusters called and told me that the only way Walmart was responsible was if there was a malfunction of their scooter hold on the law states basically that the very people who have decided that anyone can jump on one of their scooters at any time they want without any type of instructions where the scooters are parked or on the scooters themselves can skate out from any type of responsibility toward their other customer who their scooters injured not only that but they protect the very person who caused the injury all the lawyers I have talked to say that is the law and without knowing the persons identity as I was in tremendous pain when it occurred and running for safety I didnt get it that is why the tape is so important the lawyers wont touch the case, I even tried to report it to the Gardner police asked for an officer be sent to talk to me the Gardner Kansas police gave me a phone call instead said they have run into this with the Gardner Kansas supercenter had run into this issue with them before and wouldnt ask for the tape as I couldnt prove intent so basically I am hurt for just standing in line at a Walmart waiting to check out and some one else runs into me I then have to pay for my injuries out of my own pocket so have to go back to work injured so I can pay for medical attention and medicine I have to have and the main pain medicine I am prescribed I cant use as it will show up on a drug test if given one at work like if there is some type of work related accident and I would lose my job meanwhile the very people responsible for deciding who gets to ride their scooters can not be held liable the customer who crashed into me is and the only way I can find out who that person is is with a court order dont take my word for it look on the internet under how Walmart handles injuries that happen in their stores and mine isnt even the first time their scooters have hurt someone so they are aware of the problem by why should they fix it when they have no accountability for it to begin with I have to be more accountable for my dog

User's recommendation: Enter Walmart at your own risk.

Location: Gardner, Kansas

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