My son 12 was caught stealing from your store. I asked the security guard to handcuff him and gave him permission to spank him, and he told me that they do not handcuff children under the age of 13 if they are cooperating, they only handcuff them if they are fighting.

They also told me they could not spank my son as they are not allowed to use physical force on the person they stopped. My son has reciently been causing trouble. He got suspended from school for fighting. He does not listen to me.

Perhaps if this security guard did nothing to let my son know that he did wrong. I think if a parent give permission to handcuff and spank their child they should comply. He is also a bad influence on my younger son who is nine and now my nine year old is starting to act up.

He is the oldest of three children. ( I have a five year old daughter as well.) I think that if the security gurd was mour tough with him that he would see that it is not only I who finds his behavior unacceptable.

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so you expected someone to risk their job just because you're a bad parent and your child is a brat?


How many teeth do you have? Guessing you got a wart on your nose, right?

Which trailer do you live in? How many times have you been on Jerry Springer?

All legit questions for a trailer trash "mom" like you!


You have had 12 years to change the behavior of your child. Instead, you place the blame on a security guard?

Along with entitlement making me want to vomit, it's parents of children who blame others for their child's behavior.

Good luck with that! You're gonna need it!


Actually, what you asked for is improper action. The security guard would most likely have lost his job had he complied what you asked.


It's your duty to spank your children if they need it, not some security guard's.


Your thinking is unacceptable to think it is the place of a security guard to discipline your child! Try talking to the child and find out why he felt he had to steal and take him back to the store to apologize for his actions if he is not allowed back into the store have him write a letter to the manager explaining why he felt he had to steal and what he plans to do to correct the situation. This should be the only punishment needed.


You have got to be kidding me!! I have raised 3 boys, never once did I need the assistance of a security guard to handcuff my children.

As far as the spanking goes, if a security guard put their hands on my child, I would be wearing some handcuffs! He's 12? Might not be to late to start being a mother instead of a victim.

You ALLOW him to set a bad example for his younger siblings. Put on your big girl pants and take care of your kids or give them to someone who will.

Alto, New Mexico, United States #334630

Another parent wanting someone else to raise their child for them because they are too lazy to do it themselves. You were probably hoping the security officer would handcuff and spank him, then you could file a big lawsuit. Pitiful!!

Folkston, Georgia, United States #333349

Nothing a good stiff punch in the eye won't fix. When I (and when I say "I", I am hoping that I can be understood by someone as saying "we") was young, it was completely acceptable to hand your kid their ***.

Make them pick their face up off the ground. My father knocked me out once for talking back to him. Do you think I ever gave him any more lip?? No SIR!!!

Kids nowdays have it easy. Look at them the wrong way, and they can call the police or Protective Services on you. No wonder these kids are so out of control. No respect for authority, no fear of it either.

I do wish I could have read that the guard layed a whooping on that boy, but sadly, no such luck. I hope you took that boy home that afternoon and gave him what for.

Maybe somewhere underneath all his tears he would have seen your message loud and clear. Master Sargeant out!!


This is not the responsibility of the LP to physically discipline your child. Please use common sense, dear.

Please enlist the help of the school. Maybe he has a learning disabilty or emotional problems.

Children sometimes act up for numerous reasons. I wish you well.


Learn the laws, they are not the police, they can not handcuff someone unless they are a threat to public safety (is false imprisonment) and if he spanked your child would be abuse of a minor. Come on use some common sense.


Blaming someone else for not disciplining your child is absolutely ludicrous. It does not matter if you gave permission or not, it is not the responsibility of the LP officer to teach your child right from wrong.


It's cute how someone with no courage of their own, but plenty of imagination, stole my alias and tried to make this a racial thing. Actually, I'm quite sure that this ridiculous mother who refuses to discipline her own children is probably white.

But foolishness is foolishness, no matter what color you happen to be.


The *** in my alias above is the word s-t-u-p-i-d. I thought I would clear that up for those who would accuse me of cursing.


Your 2 difficult children have one thing in common.....YOU!! Perhaps if you had done your job as a parent and disciplined your own child in the first place, they wouldn't be in such trouble now.

It is absolutely ridiculous that you would be upset with someone for not disciplining your child when clearly you have refused to do so yourself. Do the world a favor and stop procreating (judging by your english skills, you may not know what this means....look it up), because to tell you the truth, I feel extraordinarily sorry for the children you have so far brought into this world.

to disgusted-with-***-mother Orange, California, United States #982296

I would work on your own English skills before bashing hers. You are missing several periods, you should spell out two rather than just posting the number.

English is a proper noun and should begin with a capital letter. Her English skills are poor, but yours are worse.


Your a worthless excuse for a mother! They cannot discipline your child you *** ***! It's your problem if your kid is bad,get the kid some help!

Are you *** kidding me?!! Asking someone else to spank your child?

You're an absolute ***. :grin

The discipline of your children is YOUR job, no one else's. If the gaurd had handcuffed your son, and spanked him, you would be trying to sue Wal-Mart for treating your "precious baby" in such a horrid manner.

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