Medford, Oregon
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I did not know of this site before and thought I'd share this.

2+ years ago my wife and i owned a late 80's Subaru sedan. At the time I was laid up in the hospital and the car developed a flat.

With the emergency spare on she took it to Roseburg walmart. Yeah, they fixed the flat. But when installing the tire they put the lug nuts on backwards.

My wife was confused when it "shook" at speeds above 30 mph so she took it back. They mentioned alignment problems until one inbred noticed the lugnuts!

*** fools ruined a rim and screwed up 2 out of 4 lug studs.I had no idea someone could be so ***!

They refused to take responsability for damages.

beware of "best prices"

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Installation.

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As I've reported here before concerning wal-mart automotive, why would ANYONE take their car to ANY Wal-mart for service of ANY KIND? I'm surprised Wal-Mart even keeps automotive "service" in their stores. I would never even let them check the air in my tires, because they sure as heck would find a way to ruin something on the car in the process!