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I saw this new flavor of chips and bought them. I bought two packages thinking I would like the new flavor.

Roasted Potato. I opened one package and did not like it so I returned the other package to the store. They asked why I was returning and they I told them the truth, about how I thought I would like the flavor but it was not as good as I thought it would be. I was shopping around later when I found my the chips I have returned in a buggy along with other "defective" products.

There was a slip of paper on the package saying "returned" I asked the person pushing it why they were not putting an UNOPENED package on the shelf, and I was told that they have to get rid of all food which is returned for safety reasons. Now let me tell you I am black. I guess because I am black he would think that I would contaminate and poison the package of chips before returning them. I would never do this.

I have two children ages three and seven. Why would I poison the chips to make other people including children sick. I was very offended that he did not put the package back on the shelf and had I been white, there would be no concern for "health reasons" He may as well out admit it.

I think you put poison or contaminated this package.

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Public health laws FORBID any food to be placed back on the shelf after being removed from the store.

It's food prejudice in action.

Toilet paper, paint, deodorant, and soap don't get treated that way. Wal-Mart hates food.


Yes. Yes Rainta.

They did not put the chips back on the shelf because you are black.

REALLY??? Really Rainta?

That is the ONLY conclusion you have? Good luck with that!


i'm putting this on fail blog later


"I have two children ages three and seven"

Wow, that would make you around 14 years old in the African American community!


You probably were going to steal something. You should have used your gub'ment sponsored "sail fawn" to call Queesha while you were waiting in line, real loud so everyone could hear you.., I can hear it now.."guuuurl, you should hab seen hims last nite, dag, he fiiiine!"

You means dey wuz outs of "Waddymelon Flabured Chips"..?????!!!!???

Now DAT beez racist yo'!!

Beez complanin to da NAACP dat section 8 housing, free cell phones, college tuition, foo' stamps, bus passes and welfare just isn't enough!!! Why ain't dey beez stockin' yo' Waddymelon Chips guuurl???


I'm insulted by your ignorance. Get a job and stop wasting everyone's time.

OMG is this person for real. I am hysterical with the responses to this ***.

Now thats a first CODE ADAM means your stealing.

Probably was opening the purse to steal just couldn't get the two bags of chips in there. :grin

I am part of an community service organization. For a fundraiser, we accidently bought too much food and we returned it to Wal-Mart, not realizing it would be thrown awy.

The woman at the counter explained to us that it would be thrown away if we returned it.

This is not an issue of race. I am caucasian, as was the walmart employee and the other representative of the group.


You have made this claim of Code Adam before. Click on Rainta by the shopping cart and you will see her other Walmart complaint.


Would you want food that was returned by a white, hispanic or asian person?


This is to "Rainta" a code Adam is for a missing child you dumb ***! So grow up and quit being paranoid unless you have something to be paranoid about!

and to the Poster of the chips I work for walmart and they Have to defective out for health reason its has nothing to do with color and why buy two bags of the same chips if you have never tried it to begin with? Kinda *** isn't, Just do the world a favor and grow the *** up!


Really? You are the racist here.

Just because you are black, you think that you are entitled to have your trash put back on the shelf. I have worked at Wal-mart before and i have seen the amount of food they throw away. It is for the safety of everyone, not because you are black and touched it. If that was the case they would follow you around the store.

You took the bag out of the store and they do not know what you did to it. How would you feel if the bag you opened and ate, was originally on someone else's table and they didn't like it?

Grow up and stop blaming everything on your skin color.


i am glad they didn't put them back on the shelf, i don't want to eat anyone's discarded chips, in today's society even the king of prussia might try and poison someone, just look at saddam hussein he gassed thousands just for the fun of it. I think food that is returned should be thrown out. if you dont agree I have some nice apples i will give you that i just licked, but didnt like them cause my aids makes it so my taste buds are not so great.

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