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charged my insurance $140.00 plus my $20.00 co-pay when eye exams are $60.00 frames purchased are NO good, lens do not fit in frames they keep falling out when you complain to them all they want to do is charge YOU for new lens' why should "I" have to pay twice for a service when "I" was not the one that made the lens' to fit the frame? when they put new lens' in a frame they scratch them and then blame you for their mistake.

when you purchase complete glasses for wal-mart you need to keep going back weekly to have them fixed because for some reason the lens' fall out or the screws come out of the frames or something else is wrong and you are unable to wear the glasses "YOU" paid $250.00 for.

a lawyer sounds real good at this time. no one seams to want to help resolve this problem that i have had for the past 2 years with wal-mart vision center

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Well then go somewhere else where you can pay 500.00 for them. WalMart does not need your business!

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