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This summer during the school holidays I bough a Nintendo Wii for my nine year old daughter and ten year old son. First of all they sold me games for teens which. When I tried to return them they gave me a hard time because the game was opened. I understand that people make copies off these games and that there is a strict return policy. However here is a few details about me. I am white, and I am a registered nurse and I am female. Now If I were a black teenaged boy or man I could undertand if they were suspicious because most crimes are commited by black males between the ages of 15-29. However I am older than 29. I have a degree in nursing and would never do anything illegal.

Here is my story. I tried to return the Nintendo Wii and they told me that I cannot return electroinc merchandise. I told them that my children were not concentrating on their school work and I was return the game system for that. I had purchased over $300 games for them. When they returned to school I was hoping that they would concentrate on their homework before doing anything else. However things did not work out th way I wanted. Now before anyone can judge me on my discipling my children I have disciplined them. When my son got back a math test with only 85 percent I told him that he was ***. He had missed easy questions. My daughter did poorly on a spelling test. I let her know how disappointed I was and told her she could not visit her father whom I am seperated from. Her father is a deadbeat dad and it would be best if she did not see him this weekend. Needless to say the courts said I cannot keep him. (a deadbeat dad who starves his children) from seeing his children. Then when I found them playing on the Wii instead of doing their homework I hit them with a tree branch leaving welts on their backside to remind them of what they should do first.

Now back to my complaint. I tried returning all the games and the game system. Since I did not have the receipt with me I could only get store credit. I tried arguing an incompetient, manager, CSM, and sales person and still only got $140. I looked around the store and lost the $140 gift card. I let the manager know that I lost the gift card and he refused to replace it even though I only got it a few minute ago. I bet some black stole it and instead of returning it like he should he kept it for himself.

I would like my gift card replaced. I would also like to get cash for the $140 that was swipped from me and to make up for the poor treatment I recieved I feel that out of a good gesture I should get a $500 gift card along with the $140 I was cheated out of. That makes $640 in total. Also I should be able to return the other games and the game system as it is interfering with my children's education. Nintendo Wii's are very rare to get and someone with better children could buy one. Again there is nothing wrong with my children. They get these bad habits from my lazy *** ex whom I hope to cut off all contact with so that I can raise them myself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Your a lil crazy eh?


It's not walmarts fault there huni,It's YOURS... I am 27 and I have a daughter,Thye played the darn thing and then you tried to take it bakc when they were done? Okay thennn :eek


Your first couple of posts were a lot more believable. This one makes it more than obvious that you're some *** who is making everything up to get some attention on a message board.

Like I said before, I was pretty impressed with your first couple of rants (one about the rating on the video game and the other one regarding being asked for a receipt by the greeter).

Those were just believable enough for most people to give you the attention you craved but this one is way over the top. You're losing your touch there...


What a retard!


Get a life, retard. If you seriously are a nurse, you need lots of mental help.


Actually Andie, I am thinking of posting this on a few websites to see what I can do to track this woman down. Some sites that may be helpful are the America's Most Wanted forums. They know best what to do.


Sorry to get your name wrong Andie, I was on the second page when I wrote this and your comment was not there and I was too lazy to check the correct spelling of your name.


Thank you Andre, it is funny how a 13 year old, even a ten year old (Zachary) have more common sense than this woman, and you are right it is wrong to call a child any name. It is even wrong to hit a child other than spanking to correct their behaviour.

However I have a feeling that this woman is just out to make complaints in hopes of getting something in return and she is using her children to do so. I wish I could find out where this woman lives and report her to social services.


Oh and btw, im 13 and i bet i could raise a kid better than you!!!! I feel sorry for your kids, it will probably be the happiest day of their lives when they get taken by child protective services!!!!!! Hopefully they find out!


I have read your other stories. I feel like you are a sociapath and you really need some help or need to be put in jail then beaten!

Im really glad this site doesnt let people know who you are and this is the reason why....people like myself would track you down and beat the holy *** out of you!!!!

actually you would probably be dead. Plus you have probably screwed your childrens head up enbough that they would be better off HOMELESS on the streets


What kind of a parent are you? For one thing you do not call your kids ***, especially a ten year old.

And sayin that only blacks should be expected of stealing!You CRAZY RACIST!!!! And beating your kids with tree branches until there are welts on their backs!!

You dont deserve to raise your kids! they'd be much happier some where else.


complain - I guess you make too much money for to know there is another meaning of the word "poor". When they said poor kids, they meant that your children were not poor as financially off. They meant that your children are poor because they have you for a mother.

First of all you are racist. You think blacks steal, but that is untrue. It takes all kinds of people to steal. Also you hit them with tree branches until you leave welts and call them ***.

If your ex husband is starving and neglecting them than you should poinnt that out to courts, however you are also harming them by hitting them and calling them names. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a registered nurse. One would think that you took child psychoolgy and learned that name calling can be harmful on a child.

If your husband is really the way you describe him than both of you don't deserrve your children. However I think you are blowing things out of propotion with your husband's relationship out of propotion just as you are blowing things out of propition in this letter.

Also what's with calling everyone here sexually frustrated teens. You may be an adult but you need some growing up to do because you act no older than your children.

You are so highly educated it is a shame that you don't know what these people are implying when they say "poor kids" you think it is all about money. From your letter money is the most important thing to you.

It is not up to you to decide if your husband gets to see your children, it is up to the courts. If it were up to me I would give your children to your ex husband.(assuming the stories you are telling about him are not true) and limit your contact to them until you can act more your age and less your shoe size.


8) just another rich ***, if that!!! 8)


You're an ***.

And a scam.

I bet you're not even a nurse. You probably collect welfare and sell your food stamps for some CRACK.

Good day



This *** has written enough letters like this, that obviously this is one of these losers on the internet who want to bait people to responding to garbage like this. But you're still an entertaining *** anyway!!


You idiots don't have any right to judge me. You are nothing but a bunch of sexually frustrated teenagers.

My ex husband could care less about how his children are doing. Also my kids are not poor for the *** *** that replied "poor kids" I am a registered nurse and can provide much more for than you can.


and my parents are divorced as well...just a few days ago and my mom doesnt talk *** like you do



wow lady you have issues...and your a rasict. my mom is an RN and shes not a crazy like you are.

do you like have issues against black people?

if i found a $140 gift card i might not return it either, i am a white person, and a girl. learn to freakin chill out, and dont call your kids ***



Oh and don't read/respond to my letter if you are going to be rude and sarcastic.


You sir need an education and a girlfriend you sexually frustrated teen.