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I went to activate my prepaid card I got in the mail and went to ( and a *** site came up on the screen I have called the main office of walmart and nobody works there no people with a heart beat I've been trying for two hours but I don't think they give a ***.I've been shopping at wal-mart for over 35 years but this is not right put a phone number for people to talk to you about this kind of stuff and maybe people can understand why a computer has to talk for you

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Virus's can automatically redirect your web pages...

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #98761

I'm not sure what you did either but I got the same thing Brian did. If you're talking about a pop up or something like that then your complaint isn't with Walmart. Block that site.


Not sure what you did but I copied and pasted the address you said and it comes up as a walmart moneycard account management site.

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