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Anyway on 3/08/16 i purchased a intex 22in highrise air bed and about 6 more items from walmart and i purchased the 2yr. Protection plan with the mattress alright 2 make a long story short the protection plan was suppose 2 cover virtually everything from normal wear and i asked what about punture holes and the salman told me everything as long as if its within the 2yr purechase frame so some times in may i starting noticig my bed wasnt holding the right amount of air so the air is slowly seepig out overnight and as i went on it got worser so about the 1st of june i called myself filing a claim with asurion acceptancei took pictures of my rceipt and emailed it in with the other imformation that i was suppose 2 send hadnt heard anything from my claim in a month so i decided 2 call them and they said they were working on my claim and 2 send the imformtion in againso i did sometimes last week so i decided 2 call them again and ask how was things going with my claimand the representative told me that my claim will not be processed bcause they dont cover leaks in the mattresses so then itold her thats not what ive been told i was told ii was covered for leaks burns tonadoes r whatever now thats what iwas told so she told that i was not coverd so ihung up and said that im not a writter but igot a story 2 tell the consumers dont mess with walmart and their coverage policy holders asurion bcause after all that time i put into tryin 2 get me another airbed i just could have paid $44dollars and bought another 1 but bet ibet u im not finnish writing about asurion and walmart yet not until im satisfied

Product or Service Mentioned: Intex Recreation Dura-beam Airbed.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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I refuse to read stuff like this.


I cannot read this run-on sentence.


A "Salman" from Walmart should never be trusted...


oh boo hoo. everyone knows airbeds don't hold air. where have you been?


Try calling the company that manufactures the air bed, you might have a warranty through them since it's been less than a year since you bought it