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Can see a lot of returns for the pick-up idea...especially with the groceries. Walmart does not rotate stock so products are ALWAYS outdated plus the produce is the WORST!!

Never fresh! With the elimination of the price matching, there is no need to shop there anymore since we have to now go to the other stores...forget that new app idea..what an invasion of privacy!! We will not subject ourselves to TRACKING our every purchase. Hartford Manager is a MORON!

He attempts to save money for the store but his choices are poor.

Shelves are always bare, He did away with the double deal at the deli, which is what we always came in for, The produce really sucks and is never fresh, Now the elimination of the price match! You have lost our business for good...what a horrible company/store you are turning out to be.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Bring back the pricematching..not everyone lives on their phones.

Walmart Pros: Double deal at the deli.

Walmart Cons: Elimination of price matching, Will not download the app for pricematching, New app is invasion of privacy, Pick up for groceries-picker makes bad choices.

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Why are you complaining about the store manager? Someone a lot higher in the company than the store manager sets pricing and stock levels for the stores.


This most likely is for any large retailer. So complain to Senior management instead of store management.



Instead of price matching why not just go to where you find the best price for the merchandise you want to buy.

Why is it the Walmart managers fault when all you have to do is to go to where you find the best price for the merchandise you want to buy?

You do realize that you do not have to use their app, correct?

You do have a choice regarding that.

Yes or no. It is that simple. So why fuss about that, OP?


You must be the manager