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First almost every time I go to the meat department the shelfs are empty. They also do not carry one pound ground sirloin packages.

Now what really gripes me. Product deletions seem to be their new motto. They do not carry or stop carrying products I want to buy. Here are just a few. Klostermans bread, Hickory Farms Jalapeño cheddar cheese, Coles garlic bread, Golden Dipt onion ring batter mix.

It seems every time I go there to shop another item has been deleted and replaced with a Walmart brand.

Don't even bother to try and buy a gun or ammunition there. It took me two hours to get a shotgun once. Not because of the background check. That was done in three minutes. Then after waiting for a manager for two hours. I found out why. They have to escort you out the front before giving you the gun. They limit ammunition sales to one box of 50 rounds. And they are those cheap Russian rounds that are coated and jam in your gun. I get that there are crazy people out there. But I doubt they are going to Walmart to buy anything. If they did the rounds would jam after one or two shots and we would all be better off if they did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Stop deleting products and replacing them with Walmart brands..

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It's possible they're removing those products from their lists because they aren't selling very well.


Your sick. Hope you get the help you need. This is clearly a cry for it.


You fail to notice the part where you have to wait two hours to be escorted out by a manager. It's not the escorting but rather the time it took.

But you are clearly a person that hates guns. And anyone that owns one should have no rights or expectations of proper respect.


So basically, you want special treatment. Entitled much?

Your junk food should be available on demand and your bullets should be given to you because you're obviously not a psycho and the rules shouldn't apply to you.

These are the kind of problems I wish I had. This isn't a complaint, it's a tantrum.


Your so cute. Bread is not junk food.

And I bet you are a vegan because neither is meat. As for bullets I did not want them for free. I was trying to pay for them. It was the limiting that was wrong.

Turned out in my favor since they are junk. Glad you can read.


It's "you're" so cute. And I love meat.

Why do you need so many bullets? Are you Ted Nugent?


JellyDoll "Your're" and moron. Because the OP wanted to purchase Bread and Shotgun Shells his exists in the Psychotic State?

And why would you think Bullets and Shotgun shells are the same thing? Perhaps the most ironic thing about your rant is this gentleman is 100% correct!

Yes Walmart firearm rounds are of terrible quality and coat the inside of your Firearm with residue. And yes Walmart has been replacing name brand products with the cheaper but more profitable Walmart brands.


snerk, I didn't call him a psycho. I merely suggested that he may be throwing an entitled temper tantrum because he doesn't want to adhere to the rules which limit him to 50 bullets per purchase.

Rules are made for a reason, and they apply to everyone.And yeah, crying over junk food is just silly and pathetic.

I wish that was all I had to cry about. "Oh boo hoo, my chocolate covered Twinkies aren't available anymore and now my life has no meaning!" Jesus, just buy it on amazon.


I think you are missing the entire point of this complaint. And yes, it is a complaint as everyone is entitled to one.

Just like you are complaining about this complaint.First off, please show me which of these items are junk food? The“Chocolate covered Twinkies” that YOU mentioned later on are nowhere in the original comment so pulling stuff out of your *** is pointless so please put the Twinkie that you are currently eating down and keep reading.Second, needing or wanting ammunition is not a crime and wanting to get a few more rounds so that you don’t have to keep going back as frequently is not being entitled. If you are against guns then that is your problem but bullying people who aren’t against guns is over stepping. Unless you know why someone needs the ammo, then mind your own damn business.Which by the way, waiting two hours to be escorted from a store with the items you already purchased is the big picture.

That time table is unacceptable in any line of work. Not everyone has all day to do nothing and be an *** to complete strangers on the internet like you. Some people have a life and things to do.Third, the above party was not asking for special treatment or for items on demand. Being a tad upset that a grocery store doesn’t seem to carry certain staple items anymore is valid.

Complaints like this allow stores/companies to see what consumers really think, what they like and don’t like so that they can do better in the long run. Complaints like this allow other consumers the chance to get an idea of a store/company before going as well. So no, this is not a tantrum.

It is a valid complaint based off of an awful experience.Oh and by the way, saying “because you’re obviously not a psycho” sounds a bit sarcastic. Which in turn can be construed as you really saying “I think you are a psycho”.Now may I suggest that you log off the computer that you enjoy hiding behind and do aomething productive with what’s left of today?Good day!


HAHAHA! Man, triggered much? You might wanna get some therapy for that anger.


JellyDoll You comments are often false and untrue. You simply offer no constructive criticism, instead you often chose to trumpet ignorance.

The more posts and comments we read the more obvious your limited world view. Please do humanity a favor and keep you comments out of the collective conscious!


You mean the "collective conscious" that nobody from Walmart is actually going to read?


Her goal is to deflect attention from the complaint and onto her. That way people forget what Walmart is doing. And what the complaint is.


I wonder if she "works" in retail?