I were lucky to get two ONE-HR IN STOCK GUARANTEE for my Ipad Mini. I went home to register my cards.

Unfortunately, there are any access codes on my receipt. I went back to ask for it, people at Walmart did not know how process to give me an access code. Freaking crazy. Now I think i have to go to another Walmart to try again.

I will return the item if they still do not know what to do with it.

I do not think if I can come back and shop at walmart again. This is wasting my time

Tam Nguyen

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I got the giftcard.


Shipped (Delayed in Transit)

Delivery is now estimated to be made by Monday, 12/23/2013.

My iPad sat in one location for days and days according to the tracker. They're going to miss the delivery date. Walmart could learn something from Amazon.


Good luck...I purchased a 1 hr guarantee aka "*** card" and was told it would be here by Christmas...here's the current status of my iPad mini:


Should arrive for pickup between Thursday, 12/26/13, and Tuesday, 12/31/13.


Yeah, I got a wristband for an iPad Mini, but when I went to the counter, they didn't have any left. The gal at the counter was handing them out without checking for a wristband first. So I had to get a 1-hour guarantee thing and am still waiting for it to get shipped to the store.


That was a very basic fix for customer service, if they didn't know it must have been their first time seeing it or they really just are dumb... any manager should have known how to fix it.


Give a raise to the guy that has the CUSTOMERS coming back to the store over and over again to get the DEALS!!


My mini is now on the way, to arrive by the 22nd and I already got the email with the $100 voucher code to be used in store or on-line. You can print it out to use in store. I've done this before with other giftcards and it's easy.