Washington, District Of Columbia
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I went to the centre al. store to have my vidio tape transfered to dvd per national ad.

They need to review the store tapes to see how they ganged up on me.It was sad & imbarrasing.All the excusess were lame.

so they threated to throw me out. I am on a fixed income so i need to shop at walmart.but no more,I am calling for a boycott by all vets,senior citizens,all the disabeled we must not let them abuse us any more.In closeing let me repete the managers words and i quote[we are not a service company.] boy did he get that right.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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The worst is he used the word stup!d, I am guessing that is what *** stands for, he has no right to call anyone *** when he spells like he is still in the first grade.


Odds are he wanted to transfer his old Disney VHS tapes to DVD, which is illegal, and got upset when nobody wanted to break the law to make him feel special.


um.. what?

it sounds to me like Walmart wasn't able to do something for you so now you're accusing them of abusing you. what's next?

you'll go to McDonald's and accuse them of racism because they couldn't rent out the restaurant as a hotel room for you? next time, at least make more sense.


If you talk the way you type, maybe they though you were stoned and or drunk and that is why they kicked you out. You are boycotting them, that works out well, you don't want them and they don't want you, both parties are happy.


my guess is he expected them to transfer all his video tapes to DVD, and because they refused to do this he threw a temper tantrum and they asked him to leave saying they don't do that. If he knew how to read he could have done this himself.


Your complaint is vague and imcomplete, gives almost no information and is impossible to take seriously! No one has any idea what you're talking about!!