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People think I want WM employees to roll out a red carpet for me or something. No, what I want is good service, just like everybody else.

I want my questions answered truthfully, I want all employees greeting me like they should be doing to everyone, I want a smile and a greeting when I go check out, I want the products I want at a reasonable price, I want fresh food. That is what they promise to provide and that is what they should be doing.

They have recently moved things around at the store I shop at Pleasant Sreet in Springdale. I ask the first guy(Troy)I come to where they moved the pickles and relishes too. HE DIDN'T KNOW!!!

How can you work there at not know where things are. People come to work there and they don't know what is going on and where things are. You are an employee, your job is Walmart. You aren't paid to just exist there.

No help at all. Then this girl(Jennifer)was just so rude to me when I made myself over to pick up a new coffee pot.

She just acted like I was in her way. By that time I was just ticked off angry and I just let her have a piece of my mind.

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Lea is a fake b*tch.


"Actually stockers are very much there for customer service. Everyone at Walmart is supposed to play a role in helping the customer.

That is what they are there for."

With your rudeness and attitude I can see why they don't want to help you. They probably think that if they make you angry that you won't be returning and verbally abusing them just because you claim your fake husband is a bigshot with the company.


you get far better service in the graveyard.I guess you can say we`re a " captive audience"


Actually stockers are very much there for customer service. Everyone at Walmart is supposed to play a role in helping the customer. That is what they are there for.


they dont greet you because your a ***. his job is not to help you its to stock the shelves.

you probably were in her way asking her *** questions about a coffee pot.

i dont understand how you goto walmart and have 50 questions every time. cut yourself


Oh i forgot the stores are absolutelyFILTHY.


what do you expect shopping at Walmart,

the low of the lowest low lifes, trashy people go there, my advice GET some class and shop at Target.


"Your don't think your stealing my username and posting as me is any better?"

If you did not think you were better than everyone else and if you did not make an *** of yourself maybe no one would "steal" your username. Your complaints are ridiculous some of them.

In one complaint you complain because you have to wait less than ten minutes to be served at Outback. In another complaint you throw a temper tantrum because an employee on his lunch break would not help you because you had problems with the coke machine. In a third complaint you throw yet another temper tantrum because the store won't sell you a patio set for the sale price after the sale if over. You lie and claim your husband works for home office.

If this were the case he would know when the sale was over(unless you are lying and he is just a janitor) Seriously if your husband really worked for home office as you claim. They are the ones who decide when things go on sale and he would know that. How do we know that you are telling the truth about being impersonated.

Like Ihatedumbcustomers said the location thing does not work that well. It has listed me from US and even Spain in a few replies and you trust the whole location thing when you don't know the difference between Germany and Delaware and Canada and California?


Not related.

Your don't think your stealing my username and posting as me is any better?


Jedi, it's because Lea has multiple personalities. I have 2 guesses though.

she either is too busy trying to come up with her next complaint while she is replying to our comments OR she's just too dumb.

she probably reads our comments and forgets what most of it says so she only replies with one sentence. this kind of makes me wonder if she's related to creepy anonymous *** from Mississippi.


"Considering most of these imposter posts come from Toronto, Ontario(same locale as Jedi), it is safe to assume that he is the ones making most of them."

Prove it psycho. What you are claiming is called circumstantial evidence. Also why would anyone believe you when you first thought that CA stood for California rather than Canada.

Not to mention no one believes you.

If you want to play that game. I assume that you and black don't crack are the same person. You both have the same habits of forgetting to post your location then posting it later, you both beat around the bush when it comes to questions we ask. You both are a few fries shy of a happy meal. You both in one incident get pissed because you are greeted and in another incident are pissed because according to you the cashier is talking too much. You both are from the Springdale AR location so by your own logic you are the same person.


well let's consider this.. you say that you have "good experiences" at some stores/food places.

then you complain about a food place at least a couple times a week and if you throw in your supposed good experiences then that's nearly every day that you eat out. and stop blaming other people for your insane posts. Lea, are you from Springdale, AR?

if so, reread your posts because they're just as ridiculous as any of the posts that don't have your hicktown location. you sick b*tch.


I don't eat out every night

I never harrassed any little girl

I don't weigh 400 pounds

My husband isn't a janitor

Considering most of these imposter posts come from Toronto, Ontario(same locale as Jedi), it is safe to assume that he is the ones making most of them.


MrsLea01, you have to learn something. it's not just Walmart that thinks you're a sad, pathetic, b*tchy waste of everyones time selfish loser, it's everyone. especially us here that see your ridiculous posts a few times a week. you might not actually verbally say that you want Walmart to roll out the red carpet for you but you sure act like it. I go to Walmart for low prices. I'm mature enough to realize that the economy isn't all that great right now so in order to keep low prices, Walmart has pretty much cut back on service and keeping enough people working. this is the case with some other stores too. do I agree with it? no. do I deal with it instead of harassing every employee I come across? yes. as far as the guy not knowing where the pickles are, oh well. you probably asked someone over in the clothes area that wasn't familiar with the new layout yet. I'm sure they offered to help you find them or get someone that knows but you probably slapped them, telling them that they can't rat you out because your loser husband will fire them. as for the woman by the coffee pots, I'm sure you were in her way with how big you are. I mean you eat out like every day apparently. she was probably attempting to catch the coffee pots that you kept knocking over. I also think it's safe to assume that you tried to price match the coffee pot with a Target ad that you found in the street from 3 months ago after you got done with a drug deal in a ghetto part of the city.

now to read the comments! you seriously tried to harass a little girl now? how have you not be arrested? you already harass every employee and beat the *** out of your own "home office" husband. also, I see no location listed for your first reply to your own story. besides, you're a sick woman. why would we believe you just because you have an obsession with the post of every location? AGAIN FOR THE 1,000,000th TIME, ANY post made with your name is basically just as crazy as any of your original posts aka the Springdale, AR aka Crazytown.

and you're not a housewife, that's a joke. a housewife cooks and cleans, takes care of her husband and children. you eat out every night, dirty up the house when you bring your men over, you beat your husband and you decided to go to the doctor and allow them to make sure that you can't have kids because you would never know which kid belongs to who because of how many men you sleep with.

and you seriously think Walmart employees are spoiled?? maybe I don't work there but most Walmart employees or past employee will tell you that they hate it there. I'd hate it too if I had to ring up nonstop customers, barely get any help from fellow associates and deal with insane lowlife people like you.

and does any of this ever go through your mind? no one here agrees with you except yourself. so what makes you think you're always right?


Also when you stomp around like an ape and treat people like *** you don\'t deserve good service. Maybe if you saw a shrink and they helped you get good social and people skills people would be more than willing to help you.

Expecting them to bend the rules for you just because your husband works at home office, or to help while on break and then threatening to report them to your husband who works at home office is not demanding good service, it is demanding that people cater to you and treat you as if the world revolves around you. Maybe once you stop acting like a spoiled five year old brat just because your husband works in home office and start treating people nicely you will get good service.

You know if you continue being a b*tch they have every right to ban you from their stores. They make millions, maybe billions a year and losing one spoiled five year old brat who throws a temper tantrum isn't going to hurt their sales.


You are the one with poor reading comprehension skills because we have pointed out several times that you you expect special treatment, not good service. You expect special treatment because your husband (whether real or made up works at Home office.) ALso spending 20 hours on here is a long time.

Your math skills you need to work on as well. As well as your social and people skills.


I am not on here all day. In fact, if you had good reading comprehension you would see that I am on here very little during the day.

I expect good service. That is something you should get anywhere you go.


You know what there are more than three minutes in a day. With the amount of time you spend on here I highly doubt you have time to cook, clean and run errands.

The only one who is spoiled is you.

You expect them to treat you special just because your husband works at home office.

Your husband is spoiled as well because he sits on his fat butt nine hours a day behind a desk and has them bend the rules for him when he is purchasing something. You want good service try being a normal person and actually be friendly instead of threatening to complain to your made up husband.


"Yes because cooking, cleaning, marketing, running errands," We can cross cleaning off that list - your husband probably is a pro at cleaning toilets and sinks.


Jedi, I just listed a lot of the things that I do the rest of the day.

Smedrik, working at Walmart is just that, minimum wage, just like any retail store. The fact is WM employees get spoiled and think the company owes them the moon. Not to mention all of these union thugs that are always targeting them.

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