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Update by user Sep 16, 2015

Just went online to payoff my Sam's Club Credit Card. I tried to pay the statement balance, $38.00, and I got the following error message,

"The payment amount entered is larger than the current account balance.

Please select or enter an amount equal to or lower than the Current Balance below".

I actually owed $33.00

Why can't Walmart do this on their Credit Card payment website?

Original review posted by user Sep 15, 2015

I have a Walmart Credit card. I like to use it for gas etc at Walmart.

My bill is due the 15th of the month and I like to schedule payments for the 11th of the month. Sept payment due was $780. I went online and scheduled the payment of $780 (I like to pay the full balance every month before the due date to avoid paying the 22% interest rate and any late payment fees). on the 9th I went online and scheduled the payment for the 11th, paid by auto withdrawal from my bank account as I always do.

On the 13th I noticed that the payment was not showing up on the Scheduled payments section of my Walmart Credit Card payment webpage. I also noticed it had not been deducted from my bank account, nor had I received an email receipt from Walmart, so I assumed something went wrong and I scheduled another $780 payment, that was due in 2 days. Today, Sept 15th, I went to my bank account and noticed that WalMart had debited my bank account for the Aug 15 - Sept 15th statement balance of $780 twice. I went to the WalMart chat and told them what had happened and that my account was showing a balance of , -$780.

I assumed WalMart chat person would see what had happened and immediately put the $780 over payment back in my bank account. To my surprise they said I had authorized both payments and the only way they could issue a refund of the $780 was to mail a check to me and that would take 5 - 15 days. I didn't realize it was legal for a credit card company to accept payment for more than what is owed on the statement. Imagine if WalMart, and other Credit Card companies found a "legal" way to use my money plus about 10 million other people's money for 15 days every month.

Now I think about the payment I made to my automobile insurance payment last week, that is not yet showing up as being credited to that account, and what other account??? Looks like I will wait for my PAPER statement to arrive each month and then write out a PAPER check and buy a PAPER envelope and a stamp and start paying my bills the old fashion way again, via US Mail ...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $780.

Preferred solution: They should not be allowed to accept payment for more than the amount that is due for the monthly statement that payment was scheduled to make payment on, or at least let a person know that they are making a duplicate payment on the same monthly statment .

Walmart Pros: I like shooping at walmart.

Walmart Cons: On-line credit card payments problem.

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No, it is not a scam, it is called taking a payment, which is something all credit card companies do. If you felt something was wrong with the first payment, you should have contacted Walmart, not submitted another payment.

It doesn't take much thinking to know that. There is no one to blame but yourself.

You authorized the payment, and they took; not their fault, but yours. Grow up, take some responsibility, and stop blaming everyone else for the problems that you caused.


If they wanted to know what to do in order to resolve this issue, I would say they shouldn't accept 2 full payments for the same months credit card statement without asking the consumer something like "Are you sure you want to make a duplicate payment of this billing?"