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I deployed to Afghanistan in March 2010. Sometime before that date my soon to be ex-wife started an affair with a manager (Bill Hood) at a Walmart store in Colorado Springs, CO.

He had moved to the Springs in 2006; his wife packe d up and left him so somehow he latched onto my wife.

Shortly after I deployed, he used his position and influence to get her hired at the store. She worked a few months and quit; Walmart wants you to believe their stores and people are pillars of the community, yet they allow a manager to engage in unethical behavior.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I don't understand the point you are making here. Your wife started the affair with the manager BEFORE you deployed.

Make no mistake I thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country but, how is Walmart responsible for what happened? It seems that your wife is the problem. She was going to do it with you here or away. If she is no good get rid of her but, don't blame everyone else for her wrong doing.

I don't really care about Walmart or know the people involved but,why do you post the guy's name here and not your wife's nameg? It takes two to tango, and it seems she was doing more than dancing.


Just keep in mind:

What goes around comes around. ANYONE who would mess around with a married person when their spouse was serving our country should be totally ashamed of themselves.

That's honestly about as low as you can go.

Just realize that you deserve so much better. God Bless you for your loyalty and service to your country.