Pensacola, Florida
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After the actions of a Walmart employee refusing to make a confederate flag cake then making an isis cake shows just how political Walmart has become! Any American who will make an isis cake should be ashamed as well as the organization/business he/she may work for. The inaction or at the appearance of, has me considering no longer shopping/supporting Walmart and considering selling my Walmart stock. As an American veteran I am extremely disappointed and angry. You call yourself a patriotic American company but allow actions such as this to inexcusably tarnish Sam Walton's reputation he worked so hard to build. Again I say SHAME ON YOU. Take action to restore my, and many others, faith in an American business!!!


Tom Roberson

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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From what I have heard on the news, the person that decorated the cake didn't realize what it represented.


Or at least he claims that.


The whole Isis cake thing could also be a hoax.