I am going to post this until everybody knows, and hope they change their spending habits... A different store could use the business...

Wal-Mart has lost mine. Wal-Mart is so politically INCORRECT... They will not make a cake with a Confederate BATTLE Flag is the design in the icing... But they WILL make a cake with the ISIS FLAG...

The Confederate States of America did not be-head prisoners or burn them alive... they don't even exist anymore... BUT ISIS IS STILL KILLING innocent people... they even burn them alive...

and you will make those CAKE's...

You are funding Terrorism... *** People

Reason of review: Willing to Support ISIS.

Preferred solution: Go out of Business... Mr. Walton would have never supported Terrorists over The United States of America..

Walmart Cons: Bad customer service.

Location: Denver, Colorado

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HA HA HA Trump wins. Say goodbye to political correctness!


No one is going to do anything about this. That's your presidents



The rebel flag should be banned, foo. Screw your 1st amendment rights.

The constitution has never applied to us black folks so why should it continue to apply to you ? Isis was founded to protect their people from the real terrorists in the world called the United States of Amereca.




Screw your 1st amendment rights? You sound like a communist to me. If you hate America then by all means GTFO and go to a communist country and see how good you really have it here.


No, I want to stay right here and make America communist and take care of the crackas!


Blackdontcrack are you serious?


*** off ***


Walmart has never ever made an ISIS CAKE ...


You've been punked, dude. Quit falling for all this conspiracy ***.


Didn't know this, but then I stopped going to WalMart a few years ago. You can do better by just shopping the weekly sales at other stores. Why put up with rude, unkempt and ignorant employees?


fluck the confederate flag and everyone associated with it. screw southern pride too.


Well *** too. You don't like the south then don't live here.


LOL! Love this review!


Walmart sucks! Confederate flag has never killed anyone. Political correctness has gone too far.


-list every single person the KKK has lynched while holding this flag in the picture and setting crosses on fire-

This post was already *** but you literally took the cake... haha...

the cake. ***.


The OP is *** learn some history like the first comment said how many minorities especially blacks were killed with the confederate flag flying next to their bodies. Don't make me believe that all privileged Caucasians are *** and ignorant of the world and history.


lol this made me laugh so hard for being so obviously fake.

good job OP you got this lurker to comment on something for once


Those b@***s would not make me a KKK cake either. This is a shame since I had to go to my KKK meeting without the cake and I was the one in charge of dessert.

@Quanasia Fbj

Would that be a white sheet cake?

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