Middletown, Ohio

Heard nothing from local Wal-Mart, or corporate

No printing ink, no lotion, in my house, not in the bag, and NO I did not find it later and call Wal-Mart and apologize, because it is not here.

Wal-Mart kept my items and my money

No concern or respect to customers, on fixed income or not, have heard others complain about not getting all they purchased

Shop at Meijer now and am happy so far with their courteous service.

Prices a little higher , but worth it, to get all you bought in your bag.

The only thing I may buy at Wal-Mart is dog food, b/c of the price, and they can't keep that and say it was in the bag, it is too big for them to put under the counter and hide, and not tell the truth about when you go back and tell them, you don't have it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So you leave one of your bags of items at the register and it's the stores fault? It's the customers job to get all your bags in your cart.

Just because your on a fixed income (why is everyone that's on a fixed income feel the need to include that fact in all of their complaints?) doesn't make it someone else's fault when you do something ***. And your name is pretty dumb


I have to agree, there is something called personal responsibility which some people fail to comprehend. Yeah they have trick checkouts where they you can miss your bag, but even then the grown up thing to do would be to admit fault.

The cashiers are timed on how many customers they check out in an hour. I admit they can inform the customer of bags near them, but the adult thing here would be to accept blame for your own actions of not checking the bags.

Same with those that do not check their receipts and don't notice the mistake until after they get home. Then they complain because there is no proof that that they did not take the item home in the first place.