Sumter, South Carolina
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on yesterday 3/26/2016 I went into Walmart in sumter, and got about 12 items.

well back in November i went in the same store, in my items in November one of my items was an SD card, when i got home the card was not in my items, well i return to the store and the cashier said i put it in the bag, and the mgr. told me to go home and look on my bed, very rude man. so i left yes i posted it on Walmart sight then.

well on yesterday I left the register with my bags and went down to Mc Donalds for some food soon a cashier came up to me and said mam you left your batteries, i really apperciate that cashier, my batteries were left hanging on the rack in the bag, which is what i am sure happen back in Nov. thanks to the cashier I am not out of another $7.00 I wish i had that mgr name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Walmart Pros: I love the way the battery item was handle.

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I suggest you watch them put EVERY item in your bags...then check the bag BEFORE leaving that cashier. They can be slick and probably why Walmart makes billions-they "forget" to put items in people's bags!

I think that is in the training-conspiracy theorist?

YOU BET. I've worked for similar companies-they all have shady practices.