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I purchase three items from your store on the 7th of feb when I got to my car I only had two items I went back in the store to customer service she call I guess security they took my receipt came back about 45 min and told me all three items was in my bag if I had the item which was a 997 bottle of wine I would not have come back and waited 45 min the person who checked did not talk to me she told some one to tell me I can be reached at 7733019228 cell

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Security doesn't just look at your receipt, they view the video and can watch every step you make from the time you pull up in the parking lot till the time you are pulling back out. I'm sure they watched the whole transaction and seen that you did indeed leave the store with your purchases. Too many people claiming to have left items at the store so that they can come back in and get freebies.