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I shop at the Walmart in Beaumont, CA several times a week and am getting to the point to not going there anymore. Each time I see items on the shelf and they are not priced.

You can not compare pricing since no prices are there. Cosmetics are the worst. There have been numerous times I see something and there is no price so I don't buy it. Today when I was there I saw at least four items with no price.

Therefore did not buy. Also the wrong prices are on some of the items, so have to watch at check out. For several months now the Snickers ice cream bars have been marked at $2.97 but at checkout they are $3.24, I make them sell it to me at $2.97.

I have told them about this but they just don't seem to want to change it.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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So a massive store that probably has over 20,000 different items on their shelves and hundreds if not thousands of new items coming and going each day and also with hundreds of people and kids coming in each day and ripping price tags off and moving items around, has 4 things that aren't tagged and you are mad enough to get on here and complain? If this is your biggest issue of the day then you have an absolutely wonderful life and I'm extremely jealous cuz I unfortunately have real problems not just some makeup not having a price tag on it at wal mart lol.

Also, it's hilarious that you have been monitoring the price of snickers ice cream bars for "months" and make sure they sell it to you for .27 cents less than what it rings up. I'm going to guess you don't work if you have this much time on your hands?


I have run into the same issue (not with cosmetics! lol), not only with WM but other stores also.

Cub Foods has a policy that if an item is incorrectly priced, they will give you that 1 item for free.

Note that if you were getting 10 pizzas, and they were incorrectly priced, you would get only 1 free, and you have the choice to purchase the other 9 at the correct price.

Other stores have different policies.

I ran into an issue at Target where an item was stocked in the incorrect place on the shelf right next to similar items. I didn't look at the fine print of the price label and assumed the price was for those items (as most people would). I usually watch the register like a hawk at checkout, and I did catch the price difference.

I mentioned it and after several minutes, they did agree to give me the slightly lower price. It wasn't that big of a deal for the extra few dollars. It was the principle of the thing. Their stock people need to correctly stock.

There are lots of people who cannot read the fine print on those price labels on the shelves. I wonder how many people where charged a few dollars more for items they thought were cheaper.