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Enter walmart in sumter this morning to purchase 4 items, I got 5 item for one of my items i got two,

well when i got home and dump my bag, the main item that i did not know what is was, was not in my bag.

it was a Micro S.D. card. I return to the store right away first i went in the back for i figure the item was left on the counter in the department that i got it from, there was 2 ladies that help me with that item.

I got a Heater for 129.00 the chip S D for 7.88 Kero ad pine -2 @3.96

mouth wash 1 bottle total purchase 159.55

I was told by the lady in the back that the card was put in the bag, I don't understand why you would put an Micro S D card in a bag with 3 liquid item to begin with but when, i got no satisfaction back there i then went up front, still no satisfaction, i was told the same story she put it in the bag by a man this time who told me to go back and look on my bed, Let me say no way would i drive back 8 miles to cheat walmart out of 7.88, People please be carefull when you shop there before you walk out the store, just last thursday i purchase grocery there and the cashier ring up mu 20# of rice but did not push it pass the register, if she did not say don't forget your rice i would have left that not knowing that it was still on the other side of the cashier, what happen to me this morning was very unfair but i am ok, I still love to shop at walmart, I remember what my mom use to tell me and i am 68 now, I am out of 7.88 plus tax but i am all right, even the other lady at the customer service desk tried to get nasty when i asked where did she go, because one cashier back there took my ticket mumble something and just walk away. 803 968 5637

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Pros: I sum it up in my report.

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You do know they have a camera over every single register in the store, right? So if they told you they put it into the bag, then they went and actually watched the cashier pick it up, scan it, put it in a bag, and hand you the bag.

Done deal. Go figure out where you put your stuff.