I went to Walmart to look for flowers and found what I wanted. The price was clearly marked $6.00 .

I took 4 plants to the check out expecting to pay $24 plus tax. Instead the person at the register told me it would be $34 and some cents, when I questioned this figure I was told they were mismarked and he would have to charge me $7.99 per plant.

I asked to speak with a manager and was told there was no manager on duty. I kept the flowers but am very disappointed in the way it was handled.

It was not my fault the plants were mismarked and feel I should have gotten them for the price that was so clearly marked.

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Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #294335

You guys fall for everything. They were $7.99, I only said they were $6 to get them for $6.

They should have taken my word for it but did not believe me because I am black.

Racists. There was a manager on duty but she is really not a manager if she is racist against me.

to The thing is #1005222

^ Liar...and too *** to make it believable.


I've had several incidents like this one, primarily in the floral section. I was told that is was mismarked then when "there was no manager on duty" I just sent a letter to corporate, I'm sure it was ignored there too.


I find it very hard to believe that there was no manager on duty at a Walmart.


You should have left the plants and walked out the door.

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