Rock Port, Missouri

the store we go to in nebraska city nebraska don't pull the products to the front you have to get on your hands and knees to get the items they are way in the back on the botton shelf and the older folks can't get on their hands and knees to get these items and if they don't want to make it more convient for the older people then we can go elsewhere to shop we have shoped walmart for may years but that can change real fast, hope this can be corrected soon for we do like walmart shopping

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like you can afford to go any where else your old and living off of social security you will go back and you will keep getting on your knees to get the stuff you like dont make threats unless you plan to keep them buy the way its not their fault that some of the stuff has to go on the bottom and some of the stuff has to go way up top if it wasnt you *** about your product it would be some one else


That's what happens when you live in Nebraska. Move to a REAL state.